Class Focus – Weekend Warrior

“If you’re getting up to train on Saturday you might as well smash it! Boot camp, challenge style – get involved and start your weekend off right

We love a Saturday sweaty sesh! We also like setting you apart from your weekday sessions. Whether it be group activities, games, beating PBs, partner drills – get out of your comfort zone and start the weekend off with a challenge. You’ll be sure to get a great workout and have fun along the way.

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Class Focus – Body 360

“BODY 360 – Proven sculpting methods to tone your body 360 degrees – use all the muscles, all the tools and all the planes of movement to tighten and tone”

There are three different planes of motion: sagittal, frontal, and transverse. Your body doesn’t move in one dimension. If it did, you wouldn’t be able to move your leg away from you, toward you, in front and behind you. Your body moves in three dimensions, and body 360’s training programs reflect that. Designing an exercise program that utilizes all planes of motion will help you as our clients train your body in the same manner that it moves in real life.

We try to think outside the box a little in this class at RIM. We like to focus on range of movement and also mobility. We focus on relative strength / calisthenic style moves, pilates based moves and resistance band work.

What The Client Really Thinks

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… Like when your trainer says one more!!! YES, but did you forget about the other 3 sets I still have to go!?!?!?
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DRINK BREAK!? Awesome now’s my chance…. More like 3, 2, 1.. Break! I’m out of here!
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We’ve all been there. Those mornings you crawl out of bed and struggle to sit down let alone walk and think to yourself… “What the hell did they do to me?” Oh there’s a staircase ahead? Forget it.
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OHHHH you’re teling me 80 squats, 80 star jumps and 80 mountain climbers is my warm up? Greeaaaaattt…… Can we leave now?
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The satisfaction on your PT’s face after you tell them you’re sore from the workout 2 days ago. Are they for real? Are they the actual devil? How can someone be so evil and do such things to you.
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But it was a perfect sit up!?!?

Chloe & Shaz’s Trip

Hey guys we are back in Melbourne! We had an amazing time away for 2 weeks along with one other friend. We started in Ho Chi Minh for 3 nights, then got a plane to Hanoi. We stayed there for one night and then did the Ha Long Bay cruise for 1 night which was freaking incredible! After that we stayed at Hanoi for 2 more nights and then went off to Phu Quoc a small island which was surrounded with lots of mountains & dense tropical jungle for 6 nights. It was so special to see Vietnam as none of us had been before. Our highlights were Ho Chi Minh city, the city was HUGE and there was so much to do and we met loads of people! Another highlight was snorkelling and fishing followed by a visit to Fingernail Island in Phu Quoc – white sands and clear blue water was incredible! We both only got one training session in, as we wanted to come back fully rested & relaxed ready to get back into the swing of things!

Thanks for letting us share and we’re keen to train you guys again soon! 🙂

ADP Consulting

ADP – what a bunch of legends! ADP consulting have been training with Results in Motion for over 2.5 years now which is an amazing effort from one of our biggest corporate clients. Week in week out they gather in Albert Park or if the weather is dire, in the basement carpark and smash out their Kettlebells and cardio. We push them hard and have enjoyed watching their fitness levels improve, their enjoyment of training increase and we love the post work banter! Congratulations on your training commitment and performance ADP, we look forward to keeping you guys in shape for next 2.5 years!

Get Your Heart Pumping In Your Lounge Room

DRILL #1 – basic full body conditioning

  • 40 squat jumps
  • 40 squat pulses
  • 40 dips (use coffee table)
  • 40 push ups
  • 40 sit ups
  • REPEAT ALL X30, X20, X10

DRILL #2 – cardio bounce

  • 50 star jumps
  • 50 switches
  • 50 knees up
  • 50 butt flicks
  • REPEAT ALL X40, X30, X20, X10 – if your house is big enough, add a run between sets

DRILL #3 – superset me

  • Squat Jumps VERSUS Squat kicks
  • Sit Ups VERSUS Plank Taps
  • Push Ups VERSUS Dips
  • Mountain climbs VERSUS Switches
  • Bound Jumps VERSUS V-extensions
  • ALL of them 30/30 20/20 10/10

Quality or Quantity?

Quality or quantity? It’s an age old debate in the fitness industry and you’d be hard pressed to find a good PT that will tell you to do more and more and more each day for the sake of getting results. Over-training can be a massive problem, leading to injury, fatigue and results plateau. Nobody essentially wants to be working their asses off and going nowhere, correct?

So yes, wholeheartedly agree, that you should be focusing on the following:

  • Correct movement execution
  • Deep range of movement
  • Controlled technique and breathing
  • Stability, control and core
  • Power where power is required

In addition to that, there should be careful progressive overload with your training – i.e. don’t expect to turn up and use an 8kg kettlebell one session and a 20kg the next! This also applies to cardio – you’re not going to be able to run 1km on Monday and suddenly 10km by Friday! We need progressive overload (new challenges) in order for our bodies to achieve results, and subsequently adapt. There are many formulas, methods and calculations to figure out how much you should push yourself, but a general rule is – ask yourself – “Was that too easy?”, “Could i have gone faster, harder, deeper, heavier, higher volume, less stability – CONFIDENTLY” If the answer is yes, then it’s time to move up a level. That means, progress your current training NOT simply add more and more in.

Progression should only occur once you have mastered that level – let your guiding rule be “how good” not “how much”. 🙂 We need consistency to get results – so although we are advocating QUALITY over QUANTITY, I think it’s also worth mentioning you can’t train once a fortnight well and expect 1. progression and 2. results.

So bottom line? Train PROPERLY. Train REGULARLY. Train SMART 🙂

Class Focus: Metcon.

Smart Training. Metabolic conditioning. Heavy weights, short circuits  & cardio finishers to strip fat + gain strength. 

Metabolic Conditioning is a method of training that involves a very high work rate, using exercises designed to burn more calories during your workout and maximise the calories burned after your workout. With our RIM Metcon classes we like to include heavy weights, explosive and tough cardio. BUT short sets/rep and HIGH ROUNDS that involve challenging the total body, compound exercises and very short recovery intervals.

Metabolic Conditioning engages the large muscle groups in the body and makes use of structural and compound types of exercises. These require a maximum amount of energy as multiple joints and muscles are involved and utilised in the movement.

At the same time, it incorporates high-intensity training that will make your heart race and catch your breath. This is the reason why people who do MetCon bathe in their own sweat after each session.Because of this, you will feel the burn. 

Shaleneys Trip

Hey guys! 

I’m back in Melbourne after a relaxing 10 day trip to Townsville spent with the boyfriend. Weather was a perfect average of about 26-27 degrees for most of my time there and I feel super rested and ready to get back into some tough sessions with you all.

During the 10 days we got a few sessions in, we trained at one of Jonnys work gyms and did a 10×10 squat session, went for a 6km walk and I also did some quick body weight sessions in the apartment. As some of you may know I’ve been on a roll with my training at the moment with my PT and own sessions so I tried to maintain my fitness by adding a few sessions in here and there so I didn’t lose all my fitness completely 🙂 Consistency is key and small efforts add up! Time to get back into the gym hard for the next two weeks before I’m off again for another holiday!

Shaleney 🙂

Indoor Mini Drills

After a quick workout to get a quick sweat on and the endorphins pumping? Here are 3 mini drills that will take 10 min or under that can be completed at home without any equipment needed! 

Indoor workout #1 

 Star Jumps x20 

Push Ups x20

Squat Kicks x20 

Tricep Dips x20 

Plank hold 1 min 

Try 2-3 rounds. 

Indoor workout #2 

Burpees x5 

High Knees x20 

Butt kicks x20

Do these 3 exercises every minute on the minute 5 times. 

Indoor workout #3 

Squat Pulses 


Jump Squats 

Bicycle Crunches 

Set a timer for 30 seconds for each exercise, with a 10 second break between each, try 2-3 rounds.