What’s Your 2020 Vision?

Happy New Year!!

So here it is! A new year and a new decade! And to paraphrase John Lennon, what will you have done at the end of it? If you’re like many, January One is the day we make all kinds of resolutions, promises, goals and visions in a bid to make positive changes! That can only be good right?!

Well, yes and no. Date based goal setting often fails because they’re purely driven by obligations we feel in the moment. So the desire to create change and the implementation of those resolutions can have an enormous chasm. The talking and the doing! It’s easy to talk about what we want to achieve but where most fall down is in the doing! And it’s easy to start with the doing when we feel motivated and pumped (on Jan One) but, for many, the doing stops when it gets inconvenient, hard, challenging. Well the truth bomb here is that it’s inevitable. There will be times when doing what your goals require is inconvenient, hard and challenging. You can ‘hope’ it won’t be but that’s an unrealistic expectation. So how do we move toward our goals despite this reality?

It all comes down to YOU! As a trainer, I can provide opportunities and information for people to help them, guide them toward their goals (ie training and passing on knowledge). As a trainer I can encourage and support people but what people do with those opportunities is totally in their control, not mine. Your trainer/coach can’t make the decision for you to get out of bed for a 6am training session. But YOU can! Your trainer/coach can’t make the decision for you to train a little harder during that session! But YOU can! If YOU know you’re not training as hard as you could then it’s it’s totally in YOUR control to change that. Your trainer/coach can’t make the decision for you to be more resilient in reaching YOUR goals. That comes down to YOU too! Your trainer/coach can’t make the decision for you to persevere despite inconvenience, discomfort or challenges. That is totally in YOUR control! Sure! You can choose to make it about outside influences. That’s your choice but that strategy won’t move you toward your goal! Also, if you’ve set goals before and you haven’t met them, take some time to consider what and why. What didn’t work before? Why didn’t it work before? What will be different this time? What can you do to ensure it will work this time?

So while it’s my vision that every personal training client, every small group training client I come into contact with will reach their goals for this year, I know that ultimately it will come down to their choices. Whether they make the decisions that are required to do the work to reach their goals. It would actually be quite arrogant of me as a trainer to consider that I’m the be-all and end-all in YOU reaching your goals because ultimately YOU are. YOU will get there because YOU did the work, made the decisions required, had the courage, put in the effort to create the result YOU envisioned. So how do you achieve those visions, goals and promises? YOU create it by doing the work, accepting the challenges, taking the opportunities presented. Getting out of your comfort zone.

I love and have a passion for helping YOU create the plan and executing that plan. I love being in a position to encourage, love and support YOU toward those goals! Results In Motion is my vehicle to provide for people dedicated to reaching their health and fitness goals. Let’s do it!

3 ‘Secrets’ For Staying On Track

Motivation – like time, it’s fleeting!

The most common (and honest) reason I’ve heard for people walking away from their fitness goals is lack of motivation. “I’m just not motivated anymore”…”I just CBF anymore” are common dropout lines.

But here’s the truth about motivation. It’ unrealistic to expect that you’ll feel motivated 100% of the time. Nobody does! I’ve been training for nearly fifteen years now and I can tell you I’ve had plenty of occasions during that time when I felt a complete lack of motivation. This is when the excuses can easily start to get between you and your goals. Between you and your ‘why’ and in the way of your initial motivation for getting started. It’s too cold. It’s too hot. I’m too busy. I’m too tired. And the list goes on. I’ve heard them all!

So here’s three ‘secrets’ for staying on track when motivation jump squats out the window;

  1. Your best training partner is a really strong ‘why’.  Your reason for better nutrition and exercise. Like passwords, they need to be strong. Your ‘why’ should fiercely resonate on an emotional level. Mine were based around longevity and my kids. I wanted to be a good example for my kids. And I wanted to be around for as long as I could for them. I also wanted to give myself the best chance at a longer, healthier life. Your ‘why’ should have the power to get you out of bed for that early morning sesh. It should have the power to push you out of your comfort zone. It should inspire you to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • Your training needs to become as non-negotiable event as regular showers. We don’t wait to be motivated to take a shower, even though it’s cold. Or because we just can’t be bothered. Not for long anyway! We just do it because we know it’s a non-negotiable to take care of our hygiene. So why would we consider that taking care of our health and fitness is negotiable?
  • Make your training sessions an unbreakable appointment for yourself! When I decided I was going to make a forever change to my health and fitness, my training times became unbreakable appointments. There had to be a dire emergency for me to break that appointment. This one may come with resistance from friends and family when you start being less available but my perspective on that is that nobody that truly cares about me and what I need would disrespect my desire to be a happier, healthier version of myself.

We’d love to hear what your ‘why’ is for your training! Tell us in the comments and inspire others to find that powerful ‘why’!

Goodbye From Your PT’s Chloe & Shaleney!!!

Heeeeyyyy team RIM! We are sure you have heard the news by now, unfortunately your two favourite trainers will be finishing up with Results in Motion as of this week. We are super excited but also so sad to be finishing up with RIM as we have enjoyed ourselves + training you bunch of legends SO much over the past 2/3 years. But the time has come for us to move on and accept the 2 different opportunities we have both been given to us, and we are ready to make the next big step in our careers! We’d like to thank all of you guys for being such great clients and we have had a ball working with you all over the years. Keep training hard, we will miss you all!

Love Shaz & Chloe X

How To Stay Healthy Over the Long Weekend

Now that Spring has arrived and Summer is around the corner, weekends start to fill up with beach days, camping trips, weddings and loads more. Long weekends can be tricky and nerving to those who are on a health kick. Usually due to long weekends including lots of food and alcohol. For someone who is trying to live a healthy lifestyle this may make things a little harder for them to to reach their goals. In this blog we’ll outline how to maintain a healthy long weekend, as well as what a healthy long weekend looks like.

Before the weekend – Try and get to at least one session BEFORE the long weekend starts. Chances of you wanting to get in a workout over the weekend might be low, so at least try and make sure you get to one before then. If you go away over the long weekend you can even try and do some lower impact work like walking, swimming or a bike ride.

Plan some meals, not all, to be healthy – Before you head out to have a fun filled or relaxing long weekend plan to have healthy dinners and breakfasts. I find that lunch is more is more of a spontaneous whats right in the moment kind of meal, if you’re away for the weekend. Try to have healthy snacks on hand like fruit, veggies, nut mix or rice cakes. And have the parma and chips or sausages and hamburgers for lunch 😉

Stay hydrated! If you are looking at a weekend spent outdoors in the sun with a bev in your hand make sure you are drinking lots of water between the drinks in the sun. It will make you feel so much better!

ENJOY! Try not to get overwhelmed with the idea that you have to eat super healthy all weekend and you can’t drink your calories. Long weekends are suppose to e fun and relaxing so allow yourself to do that. Spend time with family and friends, get outside and allow your body and mind to relax and rejuvenate. Prepare to get back into routine once the weekend is over and you will be able to enjoy yourself.

Whatever you are doing this Grand Final day weekend, remember maintaining healthy over the weekend is a lot more than the food you eat and how sweaty you get!

Introduction From Cathy

Hello everyone!
I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Cathy, the new owner of Results In Motion. A little bit about myself and how I came to be here. In 2005 at age thirty-five, I found myself at a very pained and uncomfortable 116kg on a 5’1” (short) frame! After an unsuccessful application for the first Australian series of The Biggest Loser, I decided the least I could do was get off my ample butt and go join the small, local gym down the road. That was the start of a never-going-back journey to regular and intense training and eating better. There were also a lot of emotional and psychological barriers I broke through as well. I developed a passion for training, especially strength and conditioning style training, with a bit of dance stuff thrown in for good measure and fun!

People started to want to know how I achieved a 40kg weight loss. I’m passionate about helping people but I wasn’t qualified to help. So I expanded on my passion and got qualified so I could help people achieve their fitness goals, especially in the way of weight loss. This is how I came to meet Erin, previous owner of RIM. Erin was one of my lecturers during my Certificate III & IV training. I also have accreditations in Boxing (Level 1),
Suspension Training, Kettlebells (Level 1 & 2), Group Outdoor Training and Myofascial Release – all through Erin’s business PD4PT’s.

My own personal experience with training has given me first-hand knowledge of what the process feels like for a consumer, of all things fitness. From daunting to elating. I went from someone who thought running was for freaks, a couple of decades ago, to experiencing Tough Mudder, Muddy Hell, a mini Triathlon, and a few other fun runs such as the Mother’s Day Classic. All things I never dreamed I’d do. It’s the big reason why I’m so passionate about fitness.

It’s fundamental in proving you can do more than you think you can! That people can evolve from incredibly unfit to running 5km with relative ease! A real sense of achievement. Oh yes! If my PE teacher could see me now! I’ve also now had work experience in many aspects of the industry. From personal training and instructing to member support and management.

So here I am now at Results In Motion. Ready to help you achieve your fitness goals!

5 Benefits of Vitamin D!

Vitamin D – also known as the sunshine vitamin because it’s produced in your skin in response to SUNLIGHT! Your body produces it naturally when it’s directly exposed to sunlight. You can also get it through certain foods and supplements to ensure adequate levels of the vitamin in your blood. Vitamin D’s most vital functions are regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and facilitating normal immune system function. If your body doesn’t get enough Vitamin D, you’re at risk of developing bone abnormalities such as soft bones (osteomalacia) or fragile bones (osteoporosis). Here are 5 more benefits of Vitamin D.

  1. Vitamin D fights disease – reduces your risk of MS, decreases your chance of developing heart disease and reduces your likelihood or developing the flu.
  2. Regulates insulin levels and aid diabetes management
  3. Vitamin D boosts weight loss – In one study, people taking a daily Calcium and Vitamin D supplement were able to lose more weight than subjects taking a placebo supplement. The scientists said the extra calcium and Vitamin D had an appetite suppressing effect.
  4. Supports lung function and cardiovascular health
  5. Vitamin D reduces depression – It can play an important role in regulating mood and warding off depression.

Class Focus: RIM Fight Club/ HIIT It HARD

Class Focus: RIM Fight Club/ HIIT It HARD

When we HIIT it here at RIM, we HIIT it HARD! Intervals, Tabata, cardio, circuits & sweat.

This is one of our favourite classes on the timetable & one that we have kept around for a while and added in a twist. Did you know that boxing can burn as much as 500 calories per session? Some benefits of boxing include increased muscle tone, build strong bones and ligaments, increased cardiovascular fitness, better muscular endurance, improved core stability, increased strength and power & an awesome stress reliever.

But we understand boxing is not for everyone – so we usually split the session up and have an option of a HIIT section on the whiteboard which consists of Tabata, intervals, circuits, timed challenges, EMOMs (every minute on the minute) and AMRAPS (as many rounds as possible).

Be prepared for impact, movement, speed agility & sweat because this class is full on!

How To Choose A PT

Nice work on deciding to take your health and fitness to the next level and choosing to work with an exercise professional. It’s important you hire someone who will help reach your goals but will also keep you feeling comfortable, motivated and inspired throughout the process. The main things to take into consideration are:

  1. Certificates + Qualifications. It should go without saying that this is a must have. This ensures they have met certain standards of professionalism and competence from a trustworthy organisation.
  2. Personality. Some people do well with positive reinforcement, while others like to get screamed at into doing a few extra reps. You might want to have a conversation or interview before you start training.
  3. Location. Lucky for all our members we are a mobile business! So we can come to you. This decision comes down to your own personal preference whether you prefer to train in our indoor location (Huntingtower gym), or at our outdoor location (Alma Park) OR from the privacy & comfort of your own living room/ backyard.
  4. Specialities. If you’re looking for something specific (Pilates, running, power lifting, boxing) you’ll want to work with a PT who specialises in that specific sport. They will have more expertise in that desired area, but chances are they’ll be more passionate about it.
  5. Availability. Find out their schedule, how far in advance will you need to book appointments, can you make up any missed sessions and what is the cancellation policy?
  6. Cost. Before you start making decisions sit down and think about your budget. Session prices depend on total of sessions, how many people training (1:1, 2:1, 3:1 or small group training) and method of payment (direct debit, 10/20 pack purchases).

Choosing the right PT can be a little hard. It’s a good idea to look out for a knowledgeable and experienced trainer who feels like the most natural fit for you. RIM Trainers are all fully qualified and are taking on new clients everyday, so if you have any questions about anything PT related – message us now!

Class Focus – Weekend Warrior

“If you’re getting up to train on Saturday you might as well smash it! Boot camp, challenge style – get involved and start your weekend off right

We love a Saturday sweaty sesh! We also like setting you apart from your weekday sessions. Whether it be group activities, games, beating PBs, partner drills – get out of your comfort zone and start the weekend off with a challenge. You’ll be sure to get a great workout and have fun along the way.

Image result for weekend warrior

Class Focus – Body 360

“BODY 360 – Proven sculpting methods to tone your body 360 degrees – use all the muscles, all the tools and all the planes of movement to tighten and tone”

There are three different planes of motion: sagittal, frontal, and transverse. Your body doesn’t move in one dimension. If it did, you wouldn’t be able to move your leg away from you, toward you, in front and behind you. Your body moves in three dimensions, and body 360’s training programs reflect that. Designing an exercise program that utilizes all planes of motion will help you as our clients train your body in the same manner that it moves in real life.

We try to think outside the box a little in this class at RIM. We like to focus on range of movement and also mobility. We focus on relative strength / calisthenic style moves, pilates based moves and resistance band work.