Class Focus: RIM Fight Club/ HIIT It HARD

Class Focus: RIM Fight Club/ HIIT It HARD

When we HIIT it here at RIM, we HIIT it HARD! Intervals, Tabata, cardio, circuits & sweat.

This is one of our favourite classes on the timetable & one that we have kept around for a while and added in a twist. Did you know that boxing can burn as much as 500 calories per session? Some benefits of boxing include increased muscle tone, build strong bones and ligaments, increased cardiovascular fitness, better muscular endurance, improved core stability, increased strength and power & an awesome stress reliever.

But we understand boxing is not for everyone – so we usually split the session up and have an option of a HIIT section on the whiteboard which consists of Tabata, intervals, circuits, timed challenges, EMOMs (every minute on the minute) and AMRAPS (as many rounds as possible).

Be prepared for impact, movement, speed agility & sweat because this class is full on!

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