Introduction From Cathy

Hello everyone!
I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Cathy, the new owner of Results In Motion. A little bit about myself and how I came to be here. In 2005 at age thirty-five, I found myself at a very pained and uncomfortable 116kg on a 5’1” (short) frame! After an unsuccessful application for the first Australian series of The Biggest Loser, I decided the least I could do was get off my ample butt and go join the small, local gym down the road. That was the start of a never-going-back journey to regular and intense training and eating better. There were also a lot of emotional and psychological barriers I broke through as well. I developed a passion for training, especially strength and conditioning style training, with a bit of dance stuff thrown in for good measure and fun!

People started to want to know how I achieved a 40kg weight loss. I’m passionate about helping people but I wasn’t qualified to help. So I expanded on my passion and got qualified so I could help people achieve their fitness goals, especially in the way of weight loss. This is how I came to meet Erin, previous owner of RIM. Erin was one of my lecturers during my Certificate III & IV training. I also have accreditations in Boxing (Level 1),
Suspension Training, Kettlebells (Level 1 & 2), Group Outdoor Training and Myofascial Release – all through Erin’s business PD4PT’s.

My own personal experience with training has given me first-hand knowledge of what the process feels like for a consumer, of all things fitness. From daunting to elating. I went from someone who thought running was for freaks, a couple of decades ago, to experiencing Tough Mudder, Muddy Hell, a mini Triathlon, and a few other fun runs such as the Mother’s Day Classic. All things I never dreamed I’d do. It’s the big reason why I’m so passionate about fitness.

It’s fundamental in proving you can do more than you think you can! That people can evolve from incredibly unfit to running 5km with relative ease! A real sense of achievement. Oh yes! If my PE teacher could see me now! I’ve also now had work experience in many aspects of the industry. From personal training and instructing to member support and management.

So here I am now at Results In Motion. Ready to help you achieve your fitness goals!

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