Corporate Training – What Is It?
RIM Corporate Training is a structured 12 week fitness program, aimed at improving the health and well-being of employees. By establishing a healthy, fitness orientated workplace, employers can expect to a reduction in employee injuries, illness and absenteeism, as well as an increase in employee retention and productivity. Motivating training programs, injury preventative stretches and a general “make it happen” class attitude, leaves employees focused, fit and ready to perform in their daily roles.

Results in Motion Corporate Training Mission Statement:
A healthy employee is a happy and productive employee. “Results in Motion Corporate Training” supports you to invest in your staff, motivating them to be their best both in and out of their workplace. Challenging, successful and inspiring fitness programs encourage a results oriented mentality that is transferable both during the exercise session and within a corporate environment.

Benefits of Corporate Training:
Improved employee health and well-being
Decreased absenteeism
Increased productivity and work engagement
Decreased risk of work place injuries
Improved concentration span and mental health
Increased staff camaraderie and a stronger workplace association
In some cases lower insurance premiums for businesses
Improved employee retention

Corporate Training Service Detail:
• A challenging, yet motivating 50-60min exercise session
Partner and team challenges designed to promote staff camaraderie
• Job specific stretching aimed at injury prevention
Corporate Training pack with outside session activities, coaching and plans
• Weekly WOW (workout of the week) homework
• Weekly newsletters for RIM community news and fitness articles
• Fitness testing and measurable parameters  to ensure that employers can track progress
• Invitations to affiliated RIM events
• Email and text support with training programmes and goal setting
Motivation, guidance, and tough love from your RIM PTs – designed to encourage a results oriented mentality – make it happen!