How To Stay Healthy Over the Long Weekend

Now that Spring has arrived and Summer is around the corner, weekends start to fill up with beach days, camping trips, weddings and loads more. Long weekends can be tricky and nerving to those who are on a health kick. Usually due to long weekends including lots of food and alcohol. For someone who is trying to live a healthy lifestyle this may make things a little harder for them to to reach their goals. In this blog we’ll outline how to maintain a healthy long weekend, as well as what a healthy long weekend looks like.

Before the weekend – Try and get to at least one session BEFORE the long weekend starts. Chances of you wanting to get in a workout over the weekend might be low, so at least try and make sure you get to one before then. If you go away over the long weekend you can even try and do some lower impact work like walking, swimming or a bike ride.

Plan some meals, not all, to be healthy – Before you head out to have a fun filled or relaxing long weekend plan to have healthy dinners and breakfasts. I find that lunch is more is more of a spontaneous whats right in the moment kind of meal, if you’re away for the weekend. Try to have healthy snacks on hand like fruit, veggies, nut mix or rice cakes. And have the parma and chips or sausages and hamburgers for lunch 😉

Stay hydrated! If you are looking at a weekend spent outdoors in the sun with a bev in your hand make sure you are drinking lots of water between the drinks in the sun. It will make you feel so much better!

ENJOY! Try not to get overwhelmed with the idea that you have to eat super healthy all weekend and you can’t drink your calories. Long weekends are suppose to e fun and relaxing so allow yourself to do that. Spend time with family and friends, get outside and allow your body and mind to relax and rejuvenate. Prepare to get back into routine once the weekend is over and you will be able to enjoy yourself.

Whatever you are doing this Grand Final day weekend, remember maintaining healthy over the weekend is a lot more than the food you eat and how sweaty you get!

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