Boot Camp – What Is It?
Boot Camp is a structured 6 week intensive fitness program, aimed at fast tracking your fitness, size and weight loss results. With a minimum of 8 classes running weekly, participants are encouraged (strongly suggested!) to attend as many sessions as they can possibly fit into their lives. As the name Boot Camp suggests, the 6 weeks are designed to be tough, both mentally and physically challenging. There are no tricks to your weight loss/leaning up/fitness gains, only hard work, so get psyched and ready to slog it out with 100% effort. We offer levels of commitment – Boot Camp Level 1 – KICKSTART and Boot Camp Level 2 – PREMIUM. Details listed below:

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Boot Camp Oath and Pledge
For the next 6 weeks I’m part of the Boot Camp crew. I am FOCUSED.  I am COMMITTED. I am going to be the BEST I CAN BE. I understand that my results will be directly proportional to my effort. Across the 6 week course I pledge the following – I will:
• Attend as many training sessions as is humanly possible
• Eat lean, clean and on plan minimum 5 days per week
• Live by the following mantra: “Eat. Lift. Run. Sleep. Repeat”
• Accept nothing less than 100% from myself,  both in and out of training sessions
• Achieve my goals, feel proud of myself and smash the pants off this 6 week program

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Boot Camp Level 1 KICKSTART program detail:
• Unlimited access to a full training timetable, all sites – over 8 classes per week
• Before and after: weigh in, measurements and fitness tests
• Boot Camp Manual: training tips, recipes and workouts
• Suggested Healthy Eating Plan
• Social Media support and motivation
• End of course celebration party
• Weekly newsletters & blogs for training & eating support and fitness articles
• Email and text support with training programmes, goal setting and eating plans
• 100% guarantee of fitness and size loss results

Boot Camp Level 2 PREMIUM program – all of the above but with the following upgrades:                                                                 
• Assigned your own PT to report to who will manage you over the 6 weeks
• 121 fortnightly PT sessions AND a personalised Healthy Eating Plan