Mini Challenge Timed Drill

This is a body weight workout which means you will not need equipment, or a gym. Find yourself a nice park or outdoor area to complete the workout. There is no right or wrong time to get this completed by, and your only competition is YOU! Let us know how you go and make sure to record your time down!

Image result for plank taps

  • Squat Jump + Plank Taps (x30/30, x20/20, x10/10)
  • Wall Sit 1 min 
  • V Sit- up + Star Jumps (x30/30, x20/20, x10/10)
  • Plank 1 min 
  • Push Ups + Dips (x30/30, x20/20, x10/10)
  • Push Up Hold 30 sec 
  • Mountain Climbers + Lunge Jumps (x30/30, x20/20, x10/10)
  • Pulse Squat 1 min 
  • Switches + High Knees (x30/30, x20/20, x10/10)
  • Prone Get Ups 1 min

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