Outdoor Training Benefits

There are many examples of how you can take your favourite gym workout outside – like taking your bike out for a ride on a bike track for a cycling workout, or running/ walking down a trail or path at a nearby park rather than running in place on a treadmill. To challenge your body to keep gaining results, exercising outdoors can have many advantages, not just the awesome scenery. Exercise variation outside means you are more likely to work your body in different ways.

#1 – Sunshine. Sun exposure means VITAMIN D!!! An increase of endorphin’s are also released by the body when exposed to sun. Of course, being sun smart as well – vitamin D has loads of benefits on the body such as: reducing depression, fighting diseases and immune- boosting benefits.

#2 – Psychological Benefits. Outdoor training is great for the mind. Exercising amongst trees and wildlife can give you a healthy mood boost and can help with anxiety and stress.

#3 – Wind Resistance. The wind (even increased temperature and hills) can actually help you burn more calories. When running or cycling outdoors, you may have to deal with the wind, which can offer natural resistance. A strong headwind can help you burn more calories, as you have to work harder to move a little faster, which activates the larger type II muscle fibres that are responsible for strength and definition.

#4 – Easier To Stick With. Creating an exercise habit is difficult, but finding one you enjoy can make it easier to come back to. So that shot of pleasure you get from being outdoors may mean it’s more likely you’ll stick to your program.

#5 – The Scenery Stops You From Getting Bored. Running through different scenery means you have a lot to look at, which means you’re less likely to get bored and end up exercising for longer. When the sun is shining, why would you want to be indoors in a stuffy gym stuck watching boring daytime TV?……..

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