My Own PT Adventure

I know myself better than anyone, and I know that last Winter I made one of the best decisions ever and that was to find myself a PT. Although I’m now training with a new PT after my back injury, I have new goals and a new mindset entering the second half of 2019. Injuring my back at the end of 2018/ start of 2019 really set me back. I found myself pretty down in the dumps not being able to train and losing a lot of my strength and fitness.

I have, of course, picked myself back up and I am now in week 12 of training with Nicky and 3 programs in. My main goals were to gain back some overall strength, familiarise myself with CrossFit and new training styles. The different programs I have been prescribed are suited to my individual needs taking into account some slight injuries/ niggles I have. My programs are set in 4 week blocks, and I complete this program on my own at the gym (4-5 times) and I have one PT session with Nicky a week.

My program at the moment consists of 4 weight lifting days (day 1: strength – upper push/pull, day 2: circuit, day 3: lower body strength, day 4: circuit). The aim is to increase the weights by 2.5-5% each week as the program goes on OR to increase repetitions or sets. Progressive overload is needed in order for me to reach my goals. Full control of the weights without compromising technique and full range of motion for all exercises goes without saying.

I am confident in keeping myself in line with my goals and working hard to reach them. So although I’m not training with you guys in your sessions, I am working hard in my own program!

Thanks for letting me share – Shaleney 🙂

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