Indoor Mini Drills

After a quick workout to get a quick sweat on and the endorphins pumping? Here are 3 mini drills that will take 10 min or under that can be completed at home without any equipment needed! 

Indoor workout #1 

 Star Jumps x20 

Push Ups x20

Squat Kicks x20 

Tricep Dips x20 

Plank hold 1 min 

Try 2-3 rounds. 

Indoor workout #2 

Burpees x5 

High Knees x20 

Butt kicks x20

Do these 3 exercises every minute on the minute 5 times. 

Indoor workout #3 

Squat Pulses 


Jump Squats 

Bicycle Crunches 

Set a timer for 30 seconds for each exercise, with a 10 second break between each, try 2-3 rounds. 

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