Time to Push Yourself

Now that your bodies have recovered a little condition, it’s time to start pushing to the next level – for those trying to increase their session difficulty / intensity; there are a number of ways you can do this:

  1. Increase the weights that you are lifting– your body will adapt quickly, it’s important to keep overloading to ensure your muscles are responding accordingly. Remember when that 8kg kettle bell seemed UBER heavy and now feel like a feather compared to the 12kgs?
  2. Increase the number of reps you are completing – 20 push ups on your toes easy, up it to 40
  3. Decrease your rest time between sets and drills – shorten the required recovery and you’ll not only fit more into your session, but work harder
  4. Include power and speed drills – these utilise different energy systems and promote greater adaption – change your jog to a sprint set and feel this difference
  5. Train what you don’t enjoy! – sounds a little crazy but often the area that pushes us the hardest is the one we never train – if you continually run long slow distance all the time and “hate” weights work, make sure you commit to one session per week of weights. Your body won’t know what’s hit it due to the change in routine and the variation will cause you to work harder and in different ways
  6. Do more core – a neglected part of many workouts, and an area that doesn’t always fire easily for some clients. Focus on your core control, add some core sessions in to really make sure you’re holding strong and bracing through your torso

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