Group VS Personal Training

Hello healthy Melbourne Community! Hope you’re all having a steady wind down to the end of school term – not long to go now. Last week’s edition was all about training in the Winter, we gave you some exercise tips, a workout and even a recipe – obviously some of you were super motivated from this as all our classes were packed with motivated people, training their socks off.  Congrats to everyone that stepped it up at notch at training over the last fortnight – the Results in Motion Personal Trainers can really notice a difference in your energy, strength and stamina. Keep it up!

For those that haven’t made the venture out into the wonderful world of health and fitness, now is your time. We often talk about the old saying “Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter” and I couldn’t agree more – what better time to focus on your wellbeing and get a head start for the warmer months. Winter doesn’t have to be about piling on the pounds, being sluggish and crawling under the doona – utilise the training available to you to get moving.

Type of training offered by Results in Motion and the benefits of each:

Personal Training

Personal Training is a private session with you and your trainer.  It’s an opportunity for you to have an hour just for you – focused on YOUR goals, YOUR ability and YOUR results. As well as supporting you to lose weight, tone up, increase fitness, your session with you PT is also about ensuring your body stays fit and functioning – i.e. injury prevention and maintenance.  Some benefits of the more personalised one-to-one training:

  1. You are solely accountable to your PT
  2. Your program is built around you, your limitations and your goals
  3. You will receive outside session support with eating, training and motivation
  4. You can go at your own pace and progress accordingly
  5. It’s a private high level professional hour dedicated to you and your goals

Group Training

Results in Motion offer awesome 4 week intensive programs called “Ultimate Results Camp” – aimed at fast tracking your fitness and weight loss results, the group environment is supportive, fun and motivational. When you train in a group you make friends with your fellow cadets, you’re all in the journey together and it can be great for socialising as well as giving you an extra push as you see other participants reaching their goals. Some benefit of group training include:

  1. It’s social and fun!
  2. You have a big range of classes to choose from (kettle bells, cardio, Power Yoga, boxing)
  3. An intensive 4 week plan generates quick results
  4. You will push yourself if others are around you
  5. Did we mention its fun?!

Our next Group Training program is the Winter Boot Camp – starting June 22nd. With over 8 classes running per week, you’re able to attend as many as you’d like and really push yourself.  Check out these results from the Autumn season:

Autumn Fitness Winner: Average Fitness Increase of 64%

Overall Autumn Winner: lost 30cm and 2 dress sizes!

So whether you enjoy training privately or within a group capacity, it doesn’t really matter – the main thing is for you to get out there and get some exercise in! Give yourself a challenge this week to fit in 3 sessions, minimum of 30min each of movement – go for a walk, join a group class, book your first PT session – just make it happen 🙂 This weekend is the shortest day of the year so onwards and upwards to the sunshine of Summer




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