“Get Results” checklist – use it & achieve!

Here is your weekly 10min of “you” time so stop what you’re doing, take some time out and immerse yourself into it POSITIVE thoughts and a PROACTIVE attitude. Use this small snap shot of “make it happen” literature to get your head in the right space for a healthy and fitness oriented week.

Last week we gave you a “basics” check list- 6 fundamental dot points that should form the foundations for a successful week. They weren’t mind blowing, they weren’t anything that you shouldn’t already be doing, but sometimes it just helps to have them listed out in black and white so you can give yourself the once over. Here at RIM we would love to assume that these fundamentals are now part of your everyday life – you SHOULD be sleeping enough, you SHOULD be drinking enough water. Let’s work to getting those down pat Monday-Friday without fail. For those clientele that are successfully delivering these week in, week out, we’d like to release a slightly more advanced check sheet this week. Designed to reduce training plateaus and to speed up your results let’s have a look at the RIM “Get Results” Checklist –it’s all about expanding on the basics from last week:

  1. Balance your training – look at strength work, cardio, flexibility, power – have you programed a results oriented, balanced week (e.g. 3 strength sessions, 2 HIIT sessions, 1 yoga?)
  2. Progressively overload your training – are you pushing yourself harder each session – lifting more weight, running greater distances, decreasing rest time?
  3. Fuel appropriately for exercise – what are you eating pre training, what are you eating post? Are you getting a carb + protein snack in within that 1-2 hour window post training?
  4. Sleep quality – are you going to bed at the same time each night and waking at the same time? What’s your “wind down” routine?
  5. Overall daily macro nutrient intake – break it down baby – look at your % or gram split of carbs, fat and protein – make sure what you think is going in is the correct volume (e.g. eating 8 tablespoons of peanut butter then wondering why your fat intake is so high?)

A little bit more advanced, but it’s drilling into this detail that will not only speed up your results but will also give you some more tools in your tool kit. Losing weight and leaning up is not simply about putting in less than you expend – building muscle mass is not simply about consuming high volume protein.  Over the next few weeks your RIM PTs will be sharing their tips, personal motivations and advice in the newsletter – read up and add to your knowledge bank. You might discover something that will really work for your own personal fitness mission.

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