Fit Feb – Why Is It Different Than January?

Happy February and happy training week! Hope you are all fit, focused and feeling fantastic, ready to take on the world. By now you should be back on track after the Australia Day long weekend and ready to rock out your training – New month, new goals, new you. We all know that January can be a bit hit and miss, so take the opportunity to centre yourself and dedicate a solid 29 days to a Fit Feb.

So “Fit Feb” – what does that mean for you and why is February going to be different than January?  February is the perfect month to up your training intensity, hone in on your diet and take your fitness to the next level. The party season is officially dwindling down so make a commitment to bettering yourself this month.

Take a moment and ask yourself some honest questions – are you living your life the way you want to? Are you friends, family and life choices supporting you with your health and well-being goals? If not, then why not? What you surround yourself with will become your reality – if you continually eat badly, drink in excess, and walk only about 1000 steps per day chained to your desk – then your body, physical and mental health will reflect this. One cannot simply drink litres of beer and eat doughnuts and expect to remain lean. One cannot count their daily activity as walking to the car then walking to their desk as adequate. After months of festive season excess, it’s time we started focusing on “living lean” – Living lean is about remembering how you feel when you are healthy, actually wanting to be fit and committing to a lifestyle that supports this. Choices and sacrifices will sometimes need to be made; event invites turned down, but remember why you’re doing this and remain focused on the end goal.


What simple change can you make this Feb to engage yourself more into a “Live Lean” mindset and way of life?  Maybe register for Feb Fast and go alcohol free for the entire month. Maybe enroll yourself in an event or activity such as the ROC race or a fun run – helps to keep things active across the weekend. Maybe this is your month to go sugar free? Maybe it’s a simple as completing a walk every evening. Whatever your goal, whatever your commitment, give yourself a challenge this February.

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