Client of the week – Kellie Finlayson

Results in Motion shout out to one of our awesome clients Kellie Finlayson today! On behalf of all the PTs at RIM (myself, Angus Gus Martin, Kirsty Vis and Jamie Pagourelias), we’d like to congratulate you on losing 56cm and 10kg since you started with us – nice work!! For those wondering how she’s done it – more than happy to share with you:
1. Committing to 2 Personal Training sessions rain hail or shine each week
2. Sticking to her eating plan without fail – no cheating, no falling off the wagon, no exceptions
3. Upping the ante and enrolling herself in Ultimate Results Camp – training up to 5 times per week over the last month
4. Training at 100% intensity, with 100% focus EVERY session
5. Believing in herself, and the plan and her ability to succeed.
6. Generally being AWESOME!
We look forward to kicking many more goals with you over the next few months – make it happen!

Feeling the burn!

Tough upper body session today! Dropped the 24kg kettlebell on my head from muscle failure. ….. Yep, I’m an idiot! Did the following; chin ups x 60, dips x 60, inverted row x 60, push ups x 60, high pulls x 60 and kb press x 60. Twas a good one! This is my last round of 15 dips. Definitely feeling the burn in the arms by this point!

RIM Team for Kokoda Trail Event

Looks like there might be some interest to put together Results in Motion team/s for the Kokoda Challenge happening Sunday 26th October. 15km or 30km events – trek up in the Dandenongs If this sounds like something you might be keen on get in touch with us! Training progressions will be organized, team event sessions planned – get fit for Kokoda with RIM.

Chest and Tri Action!

Slowly adding size to my arms. Need to get back onto the cleanest of clean eating to get more definition. Just Smashed my chest and Tri’s now. Solid hour workout before the day starts. 5 rounds: kb chest press (20kgs) x 12, push ups x 20, kb press (24kgs) x 15, dips x 25. 360 reps. …… fair to say my arms are feeling it.

Quest Time!

Crappy Winter afternoon is only going to be made AWESOME with a chocolate brownie Questbar and favourite fitness mag – Women’s Health. Eating noms but clean and keeping up to date with fitness trends

It’s Monday! High Intensity Training Time!

Tough start to a Monday……. cardio session! After long, sapping weekend of travel and football, this was Def the best way to kick it off. Kb swings; 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 with a sprint between each. 20 burpees, 20 kb clean and press x 3 rounds. Battle rope x 100, 90, 80, 70, 60 with 20 kb high pulls and 20 push ups between each round.