What Does Corporate Training Look Like?

As a PT being able to have the flexibility to go out and train a group of employees from their own workplace is such a fun experience. At RIM we make the classes as interactive as we can by planning team drills, partner drills and fun games to keep it as enjoyable as we can. Employees who work in a corporate office all day likely don’t get all the exercise they need on a daily basis, or may not even interact with other employees in the office so what better way to get to know your staff and colleagues than getting outside for some outdoor training. If it’s not out doors, it’s in your office or meeting area! We don’t care where – we just want to get you out of your office and moving!

  1. Healthy + Happy employees = More productivity and less sick time. Paying your employees to exercise can improve the employees overall health which is a win, win! It’s also great for the company and can be a financial benefit due to lower healthcare costs.
  2. Higher energy levels. Having this extra energy can stimulate the mind more – which means focus for longer and productivity levels are higher.
  3. Positive environment. This is a highly underrated aspect of a great workplace environment. Implementing exercise programs can create positivity and makes the employee feel good and accomplished which combines to create a positive attitude.
  4. REDUCES STRESS. Last but not least, there are always going to be stressed people in an office. Everyone handles stress differently but a great way to relieve the tensions you may be feeling from your body is to exercise.

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