Week 3 Bootcamp Homework

Here it is guys, your week 3 homework! Stay on top of it and try get it done earlier in the week so you aren’t hitting there on a Sunday night putting it off. You’ve done it before and you can DO IT AGAIN! We’re all doing this for a reason – REMEMBER THAT!

High Knees VS Squat Kicks  (50/30, 40/20, 30/10)

Lunge Jumps VS Wall Sit (20/ 45 sec. hold x 3 rounds)

Burpees (20/15/10)

Bicycle Crunches VS Mountain Climbers (30/30, 20/20, 10/10)

Push Ups VS Prone Get Up (20/20, 15/15, 10/10)

Dips VS Push up Hold (20/ 20 sec hold x 3 rounds)

Star Jumps VS Short Sprint (30/ 200m sprint, 20/200m sprint, 10/200m sprint)

Squat Jumps (x 30)

Plank Hold (1 min)

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