Want to burn FAT FAST? Use a BATTLE ROPE!

The battle rope, or battling rope as it’s also known, causes a myriad of emotional response in clients. Some LOVE smashing it around and letting off some steam, some would rather kick it to the curb and for others, it is literally known as “rope of death”. However you feel towards the rope, it’s undeniably a GREAT piece of equipment and AMAZING FOR BURNING FAT FAST!! If you’re not a runner, and can’t stand the thought of cardio, then make friends with the rope, as it is guaranteed to shred you of the unwanted body fat and quickly.

Aside from the obvious number one attraction listed above, here are some other reasons why you should incorporate the rope into your weekly workout:

  1. The workouts are fast and smash calories: Even just a solid 10 minutes doing intense exercises on the ropes can get you more exhausted and burning more calories than a 30 minute run. So if you are a bit strapped for time, the ropes are ideal for you. If you are to do the 30 minutes on just the rope – you would be looking at burning anything between 400 to a whopping 600 calories!!!
  2. They are easy to use: Battling ropes are extremely easy to use. Even kids can use them without putting themselves at risk of doing harm to their bodies. As it is a light resistance, the main focus is on belting out large repetitions. You don’t have to be someone that workouts every day to get how to use them – pick up the handles and smash it down!
  3. There are large variations on how to use them: Slams, star jumps, overhead carries, and crawls, you name it and chances are someone has found a way of incorporating the battle rope into it.

-Star Jumps: Simply hold the handles with a reverse grip and perform a routine star jump with your hands and legs moving laterally at the same time. You’ll feel a nice burn in the shoulders from this one.

-In out waves: Start with your arms wide holding the rope. Simply move your arms across until they lap over one another. Then pull your arms back out to the starting position. This one works your chest and core like you would not believe!

-Side slams: Stand with your shoulder facing the insertion point of the rope. Lift the rope and slam it back down. Make sure you keep your abs as tight as possible when performing the action. Don’t forget to switch sides, so that your obliques cop a beating on both!

  1. You can train with multiple people: No one really likes working out on their own. The battling ropes are ideal for working out with up to 3 other people. Do your rope work while the others are either resting or doing other exercises. For example someone does rope slams, while the other is doing burpees, and the other is doing a plank. There are hundreds of other simple workout combinations that you could use in place of those exercises though – so get creative or speak to your Personal Trainer about mixing it up!



The battle rope is an ideal piece of equipment for anyone – especially those wanting to BURN FAT FAST. Stop mucking around with long slow distance cardio session and get that heart pumping with some rope slamming! If you really want to see the Battle Rope in action, come along to any of our Boot Camp sessions, especially the HIIT & GRIT ones – hardcore fat burn happening there!

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