Tough Mudder

On the weekend I was lucky enough to be involved in something that will stick with me ‘til I die. Along with 4 other tough, fun and adventurous souls, I participated in Tough Mudder 2015! If you have done this event already in your life then you’d understand what your body has to go through. If not, well it should be added to your list of things to do before you die for sure!

With the day starting off in the early hours, we all met up to have somewhat of a celebratory team breakfast. Not just to fuel for the day, but also to give ourselves a mini pat on the back for the previous 10 weeks of training that we had all put ourselves through in order to participate in the event. In case you were wondering, I did go the pancakes (good bit of carbs before an endurance event is ok for the body).

After a 1 hour drive out to Broadford, we were all set and ready to go with our fluoro sweatbands and zinc drawn on our faces. As you can imagine, doing this event for the first time had us all a little bit nervous when we were waiting at the starting line. However, this disappeared quite quickly and replaced with sheer joy when the starting gun went off!


Throughout the course we were faced with mud pits, wall climbs, monkey bars over murky waters, ice baths, tear gas and some seriously undulating terrain! But the best was definitely saved until last. With 20km of running through mud, we arrived at our final obstacle to get us through to the finish line. What better way to finish a gruelling 5-hour day than to be electrocuted running through a mud pit!!! We all gathered just in front of it and made a team dash to the finish line. May I just say, being zapped in the face with three wires is definitely not something any of you should do at home…however, at the end of this arduous event, it felt rewarding to have that little bit more pain inflicted on the body.

After crossing the finish line, I’m proud to say that this was an experience of a lifetime! The 5 of us have been bonded by our efforts throughout the day, as well as the 10 weeks of training leading up to the event. In fact, we are so pleased with our efforts and enjoyed it so much that we are now looking for more adventure races to complete throughout the rest of the year, and going on in 2016. Next stop Spartan Stadium Race in Geelong on the 5th of December! Massive thanks to all who supported us throughout the day and weeks in the lead up! BRING IT ON!!!

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