Tips On How To Stay Motivated In Winter

1. SET SOME GOALS. There are proven studies that show that the most effective performance results from specific and challenging goals. When you are feeling unmotivated, focus back on what you’d like to achieve. Remember when making goals to: Start with short term goals (6-8 weeks to get there), be goal specific (making them measurable), make sure they are achievable (don’t set up to fail), and ALWAYS keep that goal in mind at all times.

2. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVES. We are all aware that when we are feeling unmotivated we can feel tired, depressed and pretty average. When you exercise, you are instantly more energetic, your stress levels reduce, your mood lifts and all round feel better about yourself. So use those positive feelings to increase your motivation levels and get yourself back on track!!

3. ADD SOMETHING NEW EACH WEEK. If you’re doing a certain type of style of training that is getting a little boring, chances are you are not going to want to do it. This, PLUS a lack of motivation can turn out to be a disaster! Try attending a different class if you are always attending the same ones, change your pace, or include new and slightly different exercises in your training. Your RIM PT’s are always here for some overall workout advice!

4. SIGN UP TO AN EVENT. The challenge of training for a new event like a fun run or an obstacle course can be a huge motivational lift. This means new goals, and a new purpose for getting to your exercise sessions could be your answer to getting you through those challenging winter times. Remember to have fun choosing something different, and to challenge yourself to do better than your previous performance in a past event.

5. BE ACCOUNTABLE. If it is not working out for you being accountable to yourself, then maybe it’s time to bring someone else in! Find someone new to train with or even the help of a PT so you can be accountable to them! You are more likely to show up to a training session if you are training with them because you wouldn’t want to let them down by not showing up. This will give you more motivation to train harder and better with some encouragement and some competition!

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