Tips For Not Over-Indulging This Festive Season

Healthy living is really about enjoying everything you love – in moderation!! The temptation to over-indulge in food and drink that you wouldn’t usually have is REAL and way more present towards the end of the year. Here are some top nutrition tips to get you through all the celebrations feeling satisfied and strong (without the overindulgence!)

  1. Make Smarter Choices When Eating Out. You can ask for the salad dressings on the side and use a simple olive oil and lemon to drizzle onto salad instead. Load your plate with as many vegetables/ salads as you can and ensure you accompany it with some lean chicken or meat.
  2. Be Careful With Canapes. Parties mean more catering and more canapes so be smart with selecting your finger food. Opt for grilled proteins rather than fried, and fresh or raw vegetables instead of rich sauces. Try to keep track of how much you have eaten as well, so you don’t overdo portion sizes.
  3. Eat A Protein Rich Snack Before You Go Out. Arriving at a party absolutely starving is just asking for a food baby. Anything and everything in sight will be eaten and your healthy choices fly out the window. Try and have a protein rich snack before any Christmas parties such as boiled eggs, hummus and raw veggies, Greek yogurt with nuts and seeds, or a sugar free protein ball!
  4. It Is Okay To Say No! If you are offered a less healthy option that you don’t feel comfortable with be confident and politely reject. You could even help your family and friends by cooking meals that prioritise health.
  5. Enjoy Your Holiday Treats In Moderation. Try not to deprive yourself, you’ll only be frustrated and more likely to overeat later. Instead, commit to one especially indulgence holiday item and savour it mindfully.

If you do end up going all out – move on and don’t let it ruin you holiday! Focus on the real reason for the season – it’s not food!

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