The Psychology of Effective Workout Beats

Music to us at RIM, (as you may have already noticed) has made a huge impact on the sessions. Whether it be in a cardio or weight lifting class, music is actually the best workout buddy you’ll ever have!

  1. MUSIC CAN BE MOTIVATING. It’s said that people who listen to music can benefit up to a 15% better performance than people who don’t.
  2. MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF. Music provides a good distraction to the body; it allows you to become more aware of your surroundings instead of the pain of burning muscles. The benefits of distraction are most pronounced during low- to moderate- intensity exercise. When up against high- intensity exercise, music loses its power to override the physical feelings of tiredness, but it can still change the way people respond to fatigue. The right music elevates mood and persuades people to ride out waves of exhaustion rather than giving up.
  3. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BEAT. Beats Per Minute actually have an impact on what type of exercise you’re doing. Studies show that when people increase the BPM people will actually push harder and even work faster.
  4. WITH CARDIO TRAINING – TRY INTERVALS. Try this on a spin bike or whilst running. Choose an upbeat song you know and love. Keep a steady jog on the run or bike and just before the chorus or hook drops, amp it up. Try sprinting or putting on the resistance for its duration (usually 30-45 seconds) and backing off a little when the lyrics and melody come back in. Not only does it make the workout more enjoyable but it’s guaranteed to get your heartbeat up and sweat pouring.
  5. INCREASES ENDURANCE. Music does this by keeping people awash in strong emotions. Listening to music is often an incredibly pleasurable experience and certain songs open the mental floodgates which people control their emotions in everyday situations. If one strongly identifies with the singer’s emotions or perspective, the song becomes all the more motivational.


2 thoughts on “The Psychology of Effective Workout Beats

  1. Dean Reply

    Hi That sounds fantastic.The only problem I find is I can’t find the right music.Any suggestions

    • Erin Splatt Reply

      Hey Dean! Thanks for your comment šŸ™‚ we tend to use the Spotify mix’s – there are so many to choose from and you can really base your selection depending on the mood of the class. For a high intensity cardio session the Nike Run music mix is great, or the Ministry of Sound club mix (many to choose from), but for a more weights focused session, have a search for something a bit more grungy and amped. Spotify even codes music mixes based on the types of training you’re doing so search by workout type.

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