The Benefits Of Group Training

Generally at this time of year, you get a massive influx of new people wanting to train. This is fantastic, as who doesn’t want to train in the lovely weather that Australia has to offer in Summer?!?! For those of you that are still struggling though, I want you to pay extra special attention to what I have to say next.

Group training in an outdoors environment is the best way to get your life back on track. If it was never on track, then this is by all means the place where you want to start! Why Group Training you ask? Well, generally speaking, group training has the highest retention rates out of all training methods. Why? Because people don’t only use it as an opportunity to train, but to socialise with like-minded people.


Think about it though, you get the benefits of training as well as catching up with friends or even family….what’s not to like about it?!

Normally in the Summer I like to head down to the Peninsula and take in the amazing scenery and chill out. I often think about how amazing it would be to do training down there. Lucky enough, we’re now doing Group Bootcamps down there. So if you’re keen to get in on the act and/or live down that way, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

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