Back on the bandwagon

oday’s face of pain is brought to you by the following:
1⃣ a 5am start first day back from holidays
2⃣ a super hard HIIT and cardio session
3⃣ the realisation that I’ve done nothing but eat and drink for 10 days
4⃣ the feeling of just completing over 700 reps!
Back on the bandwagon people!!

28 Week Pre Wedding Prep BLOG

Good morning world today marks the start of my fitness journey – aka 28 week prep for my March 2015 wedding! Stay tuned for progress shots, workouts, recipes, motivational posts, fitness winning moments, falling off the wagon confessions……
– drop 4kg
– drop body fat %
– build lean muscle mass
– improve flexibility
– increase running fitness
– look like an amazing HOT bride!!!

RIM Team for Kokoda Trail Event

Looks like there might be some interest to put together Results in Motion team/s for the Kokoda Challenge happening Sunday 26th October. 15km or 30km events – trek up in the Dandenongs If this sounds like something you might be keen on get in touch with us! Training progressions will be organized, team event sessions planned – get fit for Kokoda with RIM.

It’s Monday! High Intensity Training Time!

Tough start to a Monday……. cardio session! After long, sapping weekend of travel and football, this was Def the best way to kick it off. Kb swings; 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 with a sprint between each. 20 burpees, 20 kb clean and press x 3 rounds. Battle rope x 100, 90, 80, 70, 60 with 20 kb high pulls and 20 push ups between each round.