Shaleney & Chloe’s own Fitness Journey

Hey guys!

It’s Chloe and Shaleney your RIM PTs! We are absolutely loving teaching you guys and watching how motivated and keen you all are at training every single day. It makes our job that much better so thanks for being great clients! We’re writing this blog to give you all a quick update on where we are personally at with our training! Behind the scenes you guys may wonder what we do with our own training and if we actually even exercise at all??? LOL the answer to that is YES! We do, and although we are ready to smash you guys during your sessions, you may assume that with our own sessions that we bang them at 100% intensity, full of energy throughout the whole session and determined to smash out 7 sessions a week without a doubt! In a perfect world that may happen (perhaps a VERY perfect and crazy world)…. But we are humans, and we do have bad days, weeks and months- just like you guys as clients can. We do fall out of motivation and fall into a slump every now and then whether you notice it or not!

Chloe and I have both been badly hit with the Winter blues, but as SOON as we noticed it, we took action and have actively done something about it. Because having unmotivated trainers would be A NIGHTMARE!!! Everyone needs a bit of a kick up the butt sometimes, and we thought we need to practise what we preach and find ourselves our own external Personal Trainer. By making this decision not only will we get back on track to where we need to be, to get back to being determined and motivated – but it is also so important for us to grow as PTs with our own ongoing professional development. We can never stop learning in the Fitness industry and it is continuously developing so there’s always room for improvement for us as PTs.

With this being said, you may be wondering what our goals are and what we hope to achieve out of this. Just like you guys as clients – we are now on the other end 🙂 We have goals, we have set time frames that we want to achieve those goals in and we have actioned a plan! Alongside you all, we are completing RIMs 6 week boot camp plus an additional 6 weeks! Chloe’s 2 main goals are to strengthen her posterior chain and to gain some more skills and knowledge after being recently qualified and in her 1st year as a PT. My goals are to gain overall strength and get back to lifting what I was before I left for my overseas trip this year. Along the way I aim to work on fixing my posture which will help eliminate my shoulder injury.

We have only just begun this journey with you all and we are so excited to be sharing it with you. We’ll keep you updated and we look forward to getting some solid sessions in the next 6 weeks. Remember the saying guys…


Shaz & Chloe X

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