Progression is Power

Summer has finally hit, and I bet  that you wish that you had done more fitness wise in the lead up to December……..

You know what? I’m here to tell you today, that so does EVERYONE. We all wish that we had trained harder, eaten cleaner, focused more, achieved more – but what I’d like you all to do is rather than berate yourself for not living up to your ideal targets, sit back and look and what you have achieved since the start of the year and what you can STILL achieve across the next 4 weeks.  Fitness and motivation has to come from within: make the decision to keep pushing yourself and remember than any step forward in the right direction is still that – a movement towards your goal, edging you closer and closer. Just because you slipped up and ate cake today, doesn’t mean you’ll bang on 5kg overnight, just because you overslept your one boot camp session, doesn’t render you unable to lift your target kettle bell. Remember it’s consistency that will ultimately get you to your targets, and it might take a little while to form the fitness habits you need – as long as you’re nourishing your body, moving and improving training wise, then you can pat yourself on the back because you have achieved the most desirable results of all – PROGRESSION. You have the power, knowledge and tools to shape the next 4 weeks so make the decision and keep pushing yourself to succeed.

not a diet or a phase


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