Post Easter Beast Mode Action Plan

So it is the day after Easter Monday and some of you may or may not have over stuffed your gobs with one too many chocolate bunnies and eggs and feeling bloated to the absolute max…. 4 days of no exercise and some junk food is not the end of the world and all your hard work hasn’t gone out of the window DO NOT PANIC! As long as you take my tips to get back on track ASAP (since easter is now loooong gone) this is what needs to happen NOW:

  1. Get rid of the chocolate. Start fresh – chuck it all out! You may think that it is a waste but what would be worse is the GUILT after eating all of the left over bunnies and having them sit in your stomach for the next few days! Do yourselves a favour and get all of it out of the house!
  2. Do not weigh yourself!! Especially right after Easter and all the food you have just eaten! You and I both know that the numbers will be less than satisfying, and you will more than likely be disappointed. Instead, get back on the RIM App – book yourselves into class and get back on the healthy eating bandwagon THEN weigh yourself and if you have done well the numbers will be not so unpleasant! Pre plan your sessions to motivate yourself1
  3. Do not skip meals!  Just because you over indulged over Easter, there is no reason to skip meals to try and make up for it! Doing this usually leads to cravings in the evening and over eating. So get back into the routine of healthy eating BEFORE YOU GET INTO BAD HABITS!!!
  4. Do not give in to the bunny and egg discounts! While you are doing your grocery shopping at Coles and you see all the left over chocolate on sale from Easter, do not be tempted to chuck one into your basket! It will do you absolute NO GOOD – you will regret it and you will feel crappy INSTANTLY! Save your money for the good stuff!!!
  5. Don’t feel guilty for treating yourself! Remember it is all about moderation and balance. If you did have an Easter blow out don’t beat yourself up. Simply get back on track TODAY! The odd indulgence will not have a negative effect on your long term health. It’s what you do repetitively every day that has the biggest impact 

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