Pushing yourself mentally and physically is a key aspect of attaining your fitness results. How can you be sure that you’re reaching your full potential on your own? Could you be better, faster, stronger and moving quicker in the direction of your goals? Working with a dedicated personal training professional will not only guide you, but provide you with the inspiration and motivation that you need to be successful.

At Results in Motion we offer a 5 star service to all of our clientele – whether they are training in a one-on-one session or happily enrolled in a boot camp, our trainers are about encouraging you to be your best. Each RIM PT has had their own fitness journey, and we understand what it means to achieve quality, tangible results. We know that this may mean pushing you to your limits but guarantee that we will be there with you each step of the way.

For us, outdoor personal training is a way of life. Fresh air, sunshine, an escape from the daily grind – we operate throughout Melbourne and will find a location that suits you. For the group fitness enthusiasts – enroll yourself into one of our boot camp programs in Caulfield or the surrounding suburbs- you won’t be disappointed with the results.