Boot Camp participants are another breed of AWESOME! Focused, driven, unrelenting, they power through their 6 week course with amazing results – check out some of their achievements on our wall of fame below:

Ella Wilson
I highly recommend Ultimate Results Camp if you want to push yourself to the limit and see great results, while having a laugh along the way. Every class is different and innovative, with a whole range of exercises – I feel fitter, healthier and stronger not to mention having a great new group of friends.

Milos Nikolic
I am continually inspired to keep setting and breaking goals and am pushing my physical and mental limits. I have seen my overall fitness increase rapidly after the completion of the two Ultimate Results Camps and to date I have lost just over 25 kilos.  I’ve never felt healthier and happier than I do now.

Lauren Day
From the moment I attended URC sign in, I was encouraged and supported to give everything a go and push myself. Signing out and beating my beep test with everyone cheering me on was the best feeling, and has made me want to continue to improve of all aspects of my fitness.

Kate Thorn
I have completed my first URC month with Results in Motion and have learnt so much about myself and what my limits are, and more importantly are not! RIM is a culture that becomes a part of who you are – I have grown stronger, fitter, happier, healthier and mentally clearer with regards to reaching my goals.

Kate Avery
At URC, not only do we complete a great workout, challenging your body to the max, but the sessions are social and friendly. Whether you are already fit or starting out on your fitness journey, RIM caters for all training levels taking your workouts to new heights and pushing you in ways you didn’t think were achievable

Denise Parsons
URC is an amazing environment that challenges, encourages and supports you, all you have to do is commit. I did, and my strength and fitness improved by 73%. Every session is different so I was never bored, and on top of that, the other URC cadets are so friendly and encouraging.