Making the decision to take hold of your fitness goals and commit to an intensive program is a HUGE step! Firstly, congratulations, well done, give yourself a pat on the back – even considering Boot Camp is a move in the right direction and will guarantee you are on track to achieving your goals. We understand that you might have some very important questions to ask before you jump off the deep end, so here are a couple we can help you with:

Do I need to have an acquired level of fitness before commencing?
While Boot Camp caters from everyone from beginners to advanced, we would suggest that you don’t come in completely green. Ideally, you have participated in some sort of structured exercise before, and if not – mentally prepare yourself for some serious post exercise stiffness! At the end of the day, the expectation is that you will leave Boot Camp a fitter, faster and stronger RIM unit. Whatever level you start at just remember you will never be at that point again. We will measure and fitness test you and 100% guarantee that at the end of the 6 weeks you will not only FEEL better but have the proof that you ARE better.

It Costs $399 (Level 1) or $599 (Level 2) – what do I get for my money?
• Unlimited access to a full training timetable – over 8 classes per week
• Before and after: weigh in, measurements and fitness tests
• Boot Camp Manual with training tips, workouts, recipes
• Suggested Healthy Eating Plan
• Social Media support and motivation
• Weekly newsletters with training and eating support and fitness articles
• Email and text support with training programmes, goal setting and eating plans
• 100% guarantee of fitness and size loss results

For the Level 2 participants – you get your very own PT to be accountable to, PT sessions inclusive and a Personalised Healthy East Plan

What do I need to bring to each class?
We have a “no sweat towel no workout policy” – please commit to not sharing your DNA with the rest of the cadets. You will need to rock up with towel, water bottle and if the weather is sunny, appropriate sun protection (hat, sunscreen).

What happens if I injure myself during Boot Camp?
We go into what we call “injury lockdown” please ensure that you tell the class instructor, follow necessary steps to prevent yourself from getting worse and help us to help you get back in the game ASAP. If you feel anything niggling, or exercises don’t seem to be working the correct body part – TELL US!

What if it rains?
You have a little personal self talk moment and SUCK IT UP. Rain, hail or shine we train. At the end of the day, what are you so afraid of? Newsflash: rain is tiny droplets of water falling from the sky – it can’t hurt you and most definitely cannot stop you from training.

At the completion of your 6 week intensive program, you can expect the following:
• Decreased body fat & size
• Increased strength and muscle endurance
• Increased stamina & improved cardio vascular function
• Improved flexibility, agility and coordination
• To be lighter, leaner and your clothes fitting better
• Increased energy and less mid-afternoon fatigue
• A new “let’s kick some ass and not kiss it” attitude

When can I start?
We run courses throughout the whole year. In between Boot Camp courses, we run Small Group Training classes to either keep you conditioned from the Boot Camp that you’ve just completed, or to prep you to jump onto the next course. Drop us an enquiry and we’ll get you going!

Where will the training sessions be held?
Boot Camp will be held in Alma Park St Kilda. Enter the park via Alma Rd, walk up the path and head towards the BBQ / Play Area. You’ll see us there decked out in RIM gear and representing! During the Boot Camp we will use the oval, playground, path and surrounding grass areas.