New Year – New You – SET GOALS

Let’s start 2016 with a big dose of reality – it is time to admit that the festive season is OVER and re-enter the real world! Back to work, back to training, back to eating “normal” food (as opposed to Lindt balls for breakfast and entire wheels of Camembert at afternoon BBQs) – most importantly – back to the things that actually make you feel good.

The hardest thing about starting is making that first step, and it’s absolutely imperative that you are in the right mind set to do so. Today’s post is about realigning your focus, guiding you to set manageable fitness goals and then helping prepare you to begin (or in most cases – get back on track) with your Health and Fitness objectives.

stop saying i wish

Top Tips for Health and Fitness goal setting:

  1. Always set in achievable increments – 3 month goal is a good timeframe
  2. Focus on something to move towards, rather than away from – i.e. I want to get down to a size 10, as opposed to I want to get rid of copious amount of fat
  3. Goals must be measureable  – i.e. wanting to get buff or lean does not cut it – how buff, how lean, look at body fat %, kilograms, measurements
  4. Move away from purely setting appearance goals  – we encourage clients to set across the following areas:

Strength – how many push ups on toes do you want to be able to complete?

Cardio – perhaps you want to be able to run without stopping for 30min?

Flexibility – what about touching your toes?

Speed – target yourself to a time across 100m sprint

Diet – do you need to increase water intake to 3L, add in 2 pieces of fruit per day?

Rest – commit to getting 7 hours sleep per night, no excuses

  1. Set yourself an interim goal at the midway point so you know you are tracking, this will help keep you motivated and realign your focus if you have dropped off

It also helps if you write down your goals, verbalize or commit them to your family, friends or trainer – take 5 min of your day to think carefully about what 2016 means to you and what you want to achieve this year – now go get em!

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