New Month, New Goals

Lets welcome May with clear set goals, lists of things you want to achieve and a good mindset! With these 3 things you’ll kick the next months ass! The public holidays are done and dusted (for the minute) so it’s back to the grind, meaning keeping your head focused and determined, healthy eating and always aiming to be the best version of yourself.

This month, I AM:

  • Seeing my PT once a week in aiming to get my confidence and strength back up after injuring my back.
  • Weekly train 6 strength + circuit sessions and stick to my specific program, followed by a walk. Also get at least 2 stretching/ rolling sessions in.
  • Ensuring I keep on top of my admin, keeping my clients focused and delivering good quality classes.
  • Focus on my professional development and prep for my short course in June by watching and reading all lectures. Also enrolled myself into X2 full day work shops.
  • Staying social and catching up with friends.
  • Most importantly I’m taking care of my mental health as well as my physical health and recharging the batteries after a big week of sessions and training, because just like our phones or laptops, we perform better once we are restarted and turned back on again. I like to treat myself with a bath, some new workout gear, a hair/ face mask, or a massage/ facial.

So what will you commit to doing this month? Setting a few goals or even one can really help you set the pace and give you something to work towards. Get clear about what you want, get clear about the WORK that neds to be done to get there. PRIORITIZE the ACTIONS that need to be done to get there and make sure you check in REGULARLY.

Overall, you can acheive anything you want – it may take time but its up to you to get up, make the decision and to actually do it.

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