Kirsty Vis

Fitness Trainer

Favourite quote: “Moderation is Key” 

Your ideal training session: A session where I learn something

Your most important rule in life? It’s ok to fail, keep on striving for better and all will be ok. 

Favourite body part to train: Glutes!

First thing you think of when you wake up: What to have for breakfast

Favourite type of training: Interval training, kettlebells, Hooping and a good ol dance.

First thing you do when you wake up? Put my contacts in. 

Sporting background: Boxing, circuit training, ballroom and Latin dance, Hula hooping

If you could be one fruit, one animal and one plant what would you be? Any type of berry. A puppy – those really excited ones, and a lily.

Most motivating client situation: When someone doesn’t think they can and then they push for one more. So awesome to see!

What’s the best RIM fluoro colour? PINK AND YELLOW

Why should we train with you? I only ask to give it your all while you are training with me. 

If you could make a difference in a client’s life, what would it be? To let them know that yes, you are amazing.

What makes Results in Motion different to any other PT/Boot Camp business? It’s about the members and their results, and that’s it. 

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