Is There a Place for Children’s Personal Training These Days?

One on one training with children allows them to develop the necessary skills to correctly and safely perform strength and aerobic exercise activities. This form of supervised learning reduces the likelihood of injury occurring throughout their exercising lives and sets the foundation for the child to be able to work on their own in the future. In today’s society surrounded by technology and living more sedentary lives, it’s important to realise this lifestyle rubs off on our children which can lead to obesity and a whole host of other problems…. So what better environment to be in than in a positive personal training session with a qualified trainer, who children respect just as much as their teachers at school! Starting at a young age to be physically and mentally strong gives them a huge head start in life, leading them to be positive and also encouraging others to live the same way. Personal trainers have an opportunity to have an impact on reducing the high rates of obesity and diabetes growing among children, so what better way than with the support of teachers and parents, and in a PT session environment

Results in Motion Kids PT Program focuses on the required developmental skills that children should be able to demonstrate, by using a functional screening method for each age group. Inability to achieve the basic movements may lead to difficulty participating in sport, poor self- esteem when compared to other peers and a lack of confidence in movement based activities.

The main things we focus on in sessions are:

  • Balance
  • Strength Training
  • Proprioception Work
  • Unilateral Training
  • Gait Training
  • Compound Movements
  • Gross Motor Coordination

These are incorporated into our sessions by varying training intensities and programming LOW, MODERATE and VIGOROUS intensity exercises and activities that use different muscles and body parts. When strength training is being programmed a warm up and 10 minutes of general training assists injury prevention. Proper technique is always taught and monitored for simple and basic exercises with body weight or low weights used. When a muscle group is strengthened, the opposing muscle group is also strengthened in order to ensure the muscle imbalance does not occur.

Young aged children are suited to short bouts of high intensity aerobic exercise. To combine this type of training to increase their aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels, exercises in a fun game- like, play environment are completed to assist their motor skill development. Fun stimulating and supportive games with rules reinforced with colourful equipment are utilised for creative and educational activities in a safe environment. Body weight, compound movements, and multi- joint strength exercises using dumbbells improve the child’s overall posture and alignment and Plyometric training can also be used as a great method of improving their aerobic capacity and help with balance. 

Things that children may show progression in after our Kids PT program are:

  1. Coordination
  2. Movement/ Functional Screening Test results
  3. Gait Movements
  4. Balance
  5. Proprioception
  6. Movement in general

So all in all, with the overwhelming support for structured, supervised training for children, what better way to get them started than in a FUN PT session! Speak to your local Results in Motion trainer to arrange a complimentary session for your child today.

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