Importance of Exercise Technique

There’s a reason why every exercise you perform comes with instructions. They’re not just to make you look good at training—they’re to train specific muscles the correct way. To get the most out of each exercise, it is VERY important to follow instructions carefully or to work on your technique with your trainer before adding load or speed. This will ensure that you safely gain the full benefits of your strength training program.

One main reason why technique lacks with some people is using too much weight. Take the Bicep Curl for example. Some people curl a large weight for show, but they bring their elbows forward and lean back, which reduces the effectiveness of the bicep-isolating exercise. For optimal results, less weight should be used so perfect form can be maintained—with the bicep actually doing all of the work.

Less is more must always be applied across all strength exercises. It makes no sense in performing an exercise—such as a Goblet Squat—if you aren’t able to successfully go through the full range of motion, or if you must compensate for a weakness. You will work harder with less weight, fully developing your muscles through the correct range of motion and using proper technique to produce improvements in training.

Finally, poor or improper exercise form can increase the risk of injuries. Lifting weight places enormous stress on your body, and exercise technique is specifically designed so that you can move the weight safely. If your technique is not spot on, you place vulnerable parts of your body, such as your back, shoulders or knees, in a danger zone, where they are more likely to cause an injury that can decline your strength training and your gains may drop off.

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