Human of RIM – check us out in action!

What better way to celebrate and appreciate our AMAZING Results in Motion clients – we are excited to launch our “Humans of RIM” blog which features on our RIM Instagram. For those that aren’t completely socially savvy and all over the world of Insta – here is the first installment which you can read directly from our website.

So what’s “Humans of RIM” all about? Throughout the business we have clients achieving big things, having fun and generally being AWESOME humans – worthy of celebration and worthy of some attention. We know the voyeur in all of you loves to facestalk, check out and read about other people successes so we’re committing to presenting you a weekly column with excerpts into other’s journeys. Find out what makes them tick, hear about their health and fitness achievements (and in some cases disasters!) and have some fun 🙂

Our first HOR installment: 2 of our dedicated VCE #makeithappen CREW:


Ashini “It’s been four years now since Carlyna and i became close. I have to admin, when I first met her I thought she was slightly rude. Every time I asked her for help with maths she refused to help me. But now I’d have to say that she has brought such a huge amount of positivity into my life. Every Thursday I look forward to smashing gym with her and I get super frustrated to smashing every time she bails on me because working out just isn’t the same without her”

Carlyna “She yells at me if I even think about skipping gym”


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