How To Stay Active Over The Xmas Break

1. Slip into a pair of runners! No matter what you’re doing whether it’s wrapping presents or cooking a feast theres always an opportunity to get moving – so while you’re waiting for your food to cook you can head out the door for walk/ jog.You can park further away and walk to your destination if you’re doing some Christmas shopping too.

2. Take the stairs. Don’t be lazy and just freaking do it. There’s nothing to lose but the calories!

3. Download a running/ fitness App. Working out with your mobile device or watching a video may help you get moving. Download videos and apps that will inspire you.

4. Find trails and tracks before you go travelling. This is great way to stay active on your holidays. Not only are hikes/ walks with a friend good for your physical health but also your mental and social well being.

5. Download some good tunes! Music always gets me going no matter what mood I’m in, I always turn to music to either lift my mood, get me pumped for a workout or any sort of occasion! I’ve got a playlist for every mood. If it’s YouTube, Spotify or iTunes store that tickles your fancy – get onto it!

6. Cleaning your house. Set aside a few hours to clean out the garage, your car, your room or whatever it may be – and REALLY clean it. Bending, squatting, running up and down stairs, standing while folding and putting away laundry etc all burns calories. Get workouts the old fashioned way.

7. Look for a holiday fun run. There are some fun runs that are held over the holidays which don’t cost a lot of money and are open to everyone of all fitness levels. Invite your family and friends and plan an outing with coffee or a meal together afterwards. You will feel better physically and mentally.

8. Build activity into family visits and outings. Encourage your guests to bring workout clothes suitable for walking, so you can get our for a family walk instead of diving head first into the leftovers.

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