How To Prepare For An Event

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” Couldn’t be more true in the case of a sporting event. Not only does your body need to prepare for the event with a heap of training, but also your mind. Whether you’re about to participate in your first triathlon, or play in your grand final if you don’t prepare in the right way then you’re already giving your opponent an advantage. We are going to give you 6 ways on how to prepare yourself, improving performance and preventing injury.

  1. Visualise yourself winning the game, or coming 1st – Aim high and set big goals. Visualisation can be powerful.
  2. Be optimistic – Don’t dwell and focus on negatives. There’s no time for that. Remain positive
  3. Stay focused – Stay away from parties, TV, gatherings or anything that will distract you, they can wait.
  4. Cut back on training – The day before the event of course. Make sure your body is fully rested.
  5. Sleep early – 10 hours daily. This will recharge you and will help increase your energy.
  6. Eat a high-carb dinner and breakfast – This will help optimise performance during the event. Carbs supply energy which will enable you to be at your highest level for longer.
  7. Prepare what you need the day before the event – Help put your mind at ease because the last thing you need is to stressed out, rushing and forgetting things you need. Make a list.
  8. Meditate – To help reduce stress, clear the mind and will help you stay focused.

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