Feeling the burn!

Tough upper body session today! Dropped the 24kg kettlebell on my head from muscle failure. ….. Yep, I’m an idiot! Did the following; chin ups x 60, dips x 60, inverted row x 60, push ups x 60, high pulls x 60 and kb press x 60. Twas a good one! This is my last round of 15 dips. Definitely feeling the burn in the arms by this point!

3 thoughts on “Feeling the burn!

  1. Milos Reply

    Sounds like a bit of brain failure rather than muscle failure Gussy 🙂

    • rimadmin Post authorReply

      Ha ha – totally! Don’t worry – he still worked his admin shift today Milos!

  2. Gus Reply

    HAHAHAHA! Thanks for your support on that one Milos! We’ll have to see how your muscles/brain cells react to this bad boy set. 🙂

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