Erin Splatt

Managing Director

Favourite quote: “Don’t wish for it, work for it”

Your ideal training session: High intensity heavy kettle bells paired with sprints, bounds and general craziness- the harder the better

Your most important rule in life: Spin the plates – you can have it all, you just need to manage it

Favourite body part to train: Got to be the booty right?

First thing you think of when you wake up: without fail – “Today is going to be a successful, productive and amazing day – BRING IT”

First thing you do when you wake up: Check the RIM Facebook page and suss out what clients are posting

Sporting background:  Softball, netball, jazz dancing, swimming, athletics, cross country – I’ve done them all and got a year 12 blazer full of stripes to prove it! Freestyle aerobics and step instructor for many years too – sporting has definitely been my life.

If you could be one fruit, one animal and one plant what would you be? I’m a little crazy so I think I’m best as a banana, animal wise I’ve been compared to a monkey (often) and plant hmmmm, well surely I’d be a sunflower – loud and bright!

Most motivating client situation: When a client sets a goal and goes into what I call “beast mode” to achieve it. Pushes the boundaries, tries new things, and remains focused on the end target. Best feeling ever is when that goal is signed, sealed and delivered.

What’s the best RIM fluoro colour? Loving the yellow at the moment, totally pops against the black and charcoal RIM merchandise

Why should we train with you? If you want results, I will get them for you. I do not tolerate bullshit, laziness, half arsed attempts at training or goal setting. Decide what you want, commit to the plan and then we’ll smash it together. I will be your friend, motivator and whip cracker. I accept nothing less than the best and will work with you to deliver the goods.

If you could make a difference in a client’s life, what would it be? To show them that the only limitations are ones they put on themselves. Believe in yourself, believe that you can do it, and I can guarantee you will.

What makes Results in Motion different to any other PT/Boot Camp business?  “Results in Motion” is my baby – a little RIM community filled with fitness and healthy lifestyle joy!  Surrounded by motivated clients and trainers, we’re all about smashing that pants off our goals and having an awesome time while doing so. Results in Motion encompasses a way of life that’s fit, fast, fun and fantastic – get on board now and make it happen for you!

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