Chloe & Shaz’s Trip

Hey guys we are back in Melbourne! We had an amazing time away for 2 weeks along with one other friend. We started in Ho Chi Minh for 3 nights, then got a plane to Hanoi. We stayed there for one night and then did the Ha Long Bay cruise for 1 night which was freaking incredible! After that we stayed at Hanoi for 2 more nights and then went off to Phu Quoc a small island which was surrounded with lots of mountains & dense tropical jungle for 6 nights. It was so special to see Vietnam as none of us had been before. Our highlights were Ho Chi Minh city, the city was HUGE and there was so much to do and we met loads of people! Another highlight was snorkelling and fishing followed by a visit to Fingernail Island in Phu Quoc – white sands and clear blue water was incredible! We both only got one training session in, as we wanted to come back fully rested & relaxed ready to get back into the swing of things!

Thanks for letting us share and we’re keen to train you guys again soon! 🙂

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