Human of RIM – check us out in action!

What better way to celebrate and appreciate our AMAZING Results in Motion clients – we are excited to launch our “Humans of RIM” blog which features on our RIM Instagram. For those that aren’t completely socially savvy and all over the world of Insta – here is the first installment which you can read directly from our website.

So what’s “Humans of RIM” all about? Throughout the business we have clients achieving big things, having fun and generally being AWESOME humans – worthy of celebration and worthy of some attention. We know the voyeur in all of you loves to facestalk, check out and read about other people successes so we’re committing to presenting you a weekly column with excerpts into other’s journeys. Find out what makes them tick, hear about their health and fitness achievements (and in some cases disasters!) and have some fun 🙂

Our first HOR installment: 2 of our dedicated VCE #makeithappen CREW:


Ashini “It’s been four years now since Carlyna and i became close. I have to admin, when I first met her I thought she was slightly rude. Every time I asked her for help with maths she refused to help me. But now I’d have to say that she has brought such a huge amount of positivity into my life. Every Thursday I look forward to smashing gym with her and I get super frustrated to smashing every time she bails on me because working out just isn’t the same without her”

Carlyna “She yells at me if I even think about skipping gym”


How to be successful!

One of our biggest aims as Personal Trainers, is to instill forward thinking mentality, discipline and “self-management” into our clientele – an absolute necessary way of thinking if you are to be successful. If you want to achieve your health and fitness goals, there no secret, there is no magic pill/formula that will get you there – It’s simply about mindset, preparation and focus.

If you are in the wrong frame of mind – i.e. “I’ll never be able to achieve this by December”, “I can’t be bothered eating the right way, I’ll just cut all my carbs out indefinitely”  “my body doesn’t respond to this type of training – the only way for me to lose weight is to walk around the block pounding the pavement for hours at night”  – then you need to sense check where your head is at. Ask yourself – are you a qualified Personal Trainer? Have you the scientific background or client training history to back up your belief system?  More importantly – if you’ve been doing it forever, why hasn’t it worked? The absolute definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If your mindset isn’t open to change, to trying new things and to adapting training & eating plans in accordance to your goals then you will struggle to move in the right direction. Get your mind motivated! Set new goals, make new plans, talk to your PT about tweaking your eating/training schedule – your body will respond to changes and often, this helps to get you to goals quicker.


Preparation – or, as I like to say – “know where you’re at”. What are your training plans for the week? What are you having for meals for the day? When is your next mini goal? What will you do if you fail to meet your targets at the end of the month? Forward planning, forward thinking is the best recipe for success. Nothing more frustrating than hearing from clients that they “have no idea” what they’re having for dinner; or “not sure” when they can train again. OWN it. Take some responsibility and prep your week properly.

Focus – if your mindset is right, if you’re prepared… then all you’ve got to do is FOCUS! Pull yourself together regularly. Remind yourself of your goals, remind yourself that you’re on the right path to them. DO IT. Just freaking DO IT.

So now we have the 3 key ingredients for a successful health and fitness plan (mindset, preparation and focus)– the real question is – what can we do to help you get there? Contact us today to kick off your fitness quest for the remainder of 2016.

“Get Results” checklist – use it & achieve!

Here is your weekly 10min of “you” time so stop what you’re doing, take some time out and immerse yourself into it POSITIVE thoughts and a PROACTIVE attitude. Use this small snap shot of “make it happen” literature to get your head in the right space for a healthy and fitness oriented week.

Last week we gave you a “basics” check list- 6 fundamental dot points that should form the foundations for a successful week. They weren’t mind blowing, they weren’t anything that you shouldn’t already be doing, but sometimes it just helps to have them listed out in black and white so you can give yourself the once over. Here at RIM we would love to assume that these fundamentals are now part of your everyday life – you SHOULD be sleeping enough, you SHOULD be drinking enough water. Let’s work to getting those down pat Monday-Friday without fail. For those clientele that are successfully delivering these week in, week out, we’d like to release a slightly more advanced check sheet this week. Designed to reduce training plateaus and to speed up your results let’s have a look at the RIM “Get Results” Checklist –it’s all about expanding on the basics from last week:

  1. Balance your training – look at strength work, cardio, flexibility, power – have you programed a results oriented, balanced week (e.g. 3 strength sessions, 2 HIIT sessions, 1 yoga?)
  2. Progressively overload your training – are you pushing yourself harder each session – lifting more weight, running greater distances, decreasing rest time?
  3. Fuel appropriately for exercise – what are you eating pre training, what are you eating post? Are you getting a carb + protein snack in within that 1-2 hour window post training?
  4. Sleep quality – are you going to bed at the same time each night and waking at the same time? What’s your “wind down” routine?
  5. Overall daily macro nutrient intake – break it down baby – look at your % or gram split of carbs, fat and protein – make sure what you think is going in is the correct volume (e.g. eating 8 tablespoons of peanut butter then wondering why your fat intake is so high?)

A little bit more advanced, but it’s drilling into this detail that will not only speed up your results but will also give you some more tools in your tool kit. Losing weight and leaning up is not simply about putting in less than you expend – building muscle mass is not simply about consuming high volume protein.  Over the next few weeks your RIM PTs will be sharing their tips, personal motivations and advice in the newsletter – read up and add to your knowledge bank. You might discover something that will really work for your own personal fitness mission.

Are you on track for an AWESOME week?

Let’s talk fitness, food and all things healthy. First and foremost, give yourself a little hump day evaluation as to how you’ve managed the first half of the week so far…… so in an “ideal” lean, clean and mean week, you should be able to tick off the following, have you:

  1. Trained twice already this week?
  2. Slept between 6-8 hours each night?
  3. Eaten vegetables/salad with 2/3 main meals each day?
  4. Cut out refined sweet treats?
  5. Drank over 2L of water per day?
  6. Planned what your week is going to look like in terms of exercise and nutrition?

good things come

For all the Results in Motion Personal Trainers these are absolute life basics – if you are failing to deliver these early on in a week, one can only imagine what Fri/Sat/Sun looks like! Make this check list a part of your routine, screen shot it on your phone and evaluate yourself on a daily basis if you need to drill it in. The more you familiarise yourself with the basics, the easier it will become to make this lifestyle the norm, as opposed to you just trying to be “good”. Start small, aim to have 2 or 3 perfect days per week and allow some give on other days, build this up each week until you’re happy that you are delivering about 5/6 days “on” and then 1-2 days “not so on”.

You can do it people – just be accountable to yourself and your goals, learn to spin the plates. Your sleep is as important as your diet and your diet is as important as your water intake. Remember Summer is only 4 months away, you’ve got time to make a massive impact on your fitness, weight and overall health  – get your head down, get focused and DO IT! #makeithappen



Meet Our New PT Lisa!

A huge welcome to our new PT Lisa. She brings loads of industry and personal fitness experience to the team, and is certainly an inspo for anyone looking at getting seriously FIT! Check out what motivates her and makes her tick in her little RIM biography below:

Favourite quote: Never settle. Fight for the Life, the Career, the Dreams, the Love that you deserve. (Mandy Hale)

Your ideal training session: Leg, legs and more legs…slow burn, power, high intensity… whatever rocks your boat

Your most important rule in life: Never say never

Favourite body part to train: You guessed it, legs

First thing you think of when you wake up: without fail – Happy to be in my skin living this amazing life

First thing you do when you wake up: fuel my body, I love trying new recipes for over-night oats


Sporting background:  Dancing (ballet, tap, jazz) little athletics til dancing took over, netball, old school gym junkie (Let’s get physical, physical), in my 40s found pole dancing, hardest workshop I’ve ever done

If you could be one fruit, one animal and one plant what would you be? I’d have to be a pineapple, love sunny Queensland, the grace and intelligence of a dolphin and the sweetness of a frangipani

Most motivating client situation: When a client appreciates the busyness of life but the value in ME time, they will move mountains to get to a PT sessiion

What’s the best RIM fluoro colour? Would have to say green, for me a symbol of life and down to earth

Why should we train with you? Being the elder of the crew (nothing to do with age of course!) I bring multiple perspectives to health and fitness  I’ll help you set realistic and achievable goals because I’ve got a track record called life experience. I’ll keep you (and me) honest and accountable. Relationships, multiple careers and travel helps you see through the bullshit so I won’t tolerate mediocrity and I’ll know when you take a short cut. I’m creative, love to laugh and together we’ll have some fun because that’s what exercise has to be.

If you could make a difference in a client’s life, what would it be? It’s pretty basic for me, help them improve their quality of life whether it be play with their kids in the park, helping them make better eating decisions, boost their confidence or simply ‘having a go’


Avoid the Easter Chubbies!

Oh yes! Oh yes! We can all feel it coming – that Easter public holiday run is within our reach! YAY for Good Friday and Easter Monday – BRING ON the long weekend hey? Easter can sometimes be a more devastating time than Christmas for falling off the bandwagon. Easter screams hot cross buns, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, more hot cross buns and definitely even more chocolate eggs!  High sugar, high fat combined with potential high alcohol intake = FULL SCALE EASTER CHUBBIES!!!

So what can you do to prevent a landslide of epic proportions this weekend? Results in Motion have listed some tips below that help to “keep it semi real” across this time of the year, and also some food facts that you may or may not (or maybe CHOOSE not) to be aware of!

Easter fit

Easter Tips:

  1. Beware the bunny! The total number of grams in chocolate bunny can be quite disturbing. For example if you consume a medium-large size Cadbury Bunny, you have almost consumed the equivalent of a family block of chocolate.
  2. Even more so…. Beware the mini Egg – 4 mini solid chocolate eggs is equivalent to half a normal chocolate bar #devastation #whaddaymeanIscoffed20!!!!!!
  3. Hot Cross Buns – on average are about 200 calories – if you consume 6 of these in one day you have basically eaten your entire calorie intake.
  4. If you are drinking this Easter, pick one night out of the 4 day period, and enjoy it – keep it decent the other 3
  5. Do NOT overbuy chocolate for friends and family, the last thing you need is to be stuck with a stack of Easter gifts that you didn’t end up giving – you will inadvertently add them to your own stash. Trust me.
  6. Commit to 2 out of the 4 days to train – you will not only burn off some of the excess sugar, but you will also feel better about yourself.

So enjoy the weekend, but be mindful of undoing all your good work and blowing everything completely out of (chocolate) control. Happy Easter!

Fit Feb – Why Is It Different Than January?

Happy February and happy training week! Hope you are all fit, focused and feeling fantastic, ready to take on the world. By now you should be back on track after the Australia Day long weekend and ready to rock out your training – New month, new goals, new you. We all know that January can be a bit hit and miss, so take the opportunity to centre yourself and dedicate a solid 29 days to a Fit Feb.

So “Fit Feb” – what does that mean for you and why is February going to be different than January?  February is the perfect month to up your training intensity, hone in on your diet and take your fitness to the next level. The party season is officially dwindling down so make a commitment to bettering yourself this month.

Take a moment and ask yourself some honest questions – are you living your life the way you want to? Are you friends, family and life choices supporting you with your health and well-being goals? If not, then why not? What you surround yourself with will become your reality – if you continually eat badly, drink in excess, and walk only about 1000 steps per day chained to your desk – then your body, physical and mental health will reflect this. One cannot simply drink litres of beer and eat doughnuts and expect to remain lean. One cannot count their daily activity as walking to the car then walking to their desk as adequate. After months of festive season excess, it’s time we started focusing on “living lean” – Living lean is about remembering how you feel when you are healthy, actually wanting to be fit and committing to a lifestyle that supports this. Choices and sacrifices will sometimes need to be made; event invites turned down, but remember why you’re doing this and remain focused on the end goal.


What simple change can you make this Feb to engage yourself more into a “Live Lean” mindset and way of life?  Maybe register for Feb Fast and go alcohol free for the entire month. Maybe enroll yourself in an event or activity such as the ROC race or a fun run – helps to keep things active across the weekend. Maybe this is your month to go sugar free? Maybe it’s a simple as completing a walk every evening. Whatever your goal, whatever your commitment, give yourself a challenge this February.

Progression is Power

Summer has finally hit, and I bet  that you wish that you had done more fitness wise in the lead up to December……..

You know what? I’m here to tell you today, that so does EVERYONE. We all wish that we had trained harder, eaten cleaner, focused more, achieved more – but what I’d like you all to do is rather than berate yourself for not living up to your ideal targets, sit back and look and what you have achieved since the start of the year and what you can STILL achieve across the next 4 weeks.  Fitness and motivation has to come from within: make the decision to keep pushing yourself and remember than any step forward in the right direction is still that – a movement towards your goal, edging you closer and closer. Just because you slipped up and ate cake today, doesn’t mean you’ll bang on 5kg overnight, just because you overslept your one boot camp session, doesn’t render you unable to lift your target kettle bell. Remember it’s consistency that will ultimately get you to your targets, and it might take a little while to form the fitness habits you need – as long as you’re nourishing your body, moving and improving training wise, then you can pat yourself on the back because you have achieved the most desirable results of all – PROGRESSION. You have the power, knowledge and tools to shape the next 4 weeks so make the decision and keep pushing yourself to succeed.

not a diet or a phase