Can You Exercise Whilst Pregnant?

When it comes to exercise and pregnancy, there are a lot of Mums out there who may get a little concerned about their health and their babies health. The truth is, is that you are most definitely allowed to continue training whilst you are pregnant. If before becoming pregnant, you were leading an active lifestyle and hitting the gym 3-4 times a week, there is proven evidence that continuing on with your workout routine is beneficial to you and your baby. There is a chance that going complete cold turkey could even be worse for your health. There are lots of articles and old- school myths out there, and you shouldn’t believe everything you read! Not only does training when you’re pregnant help with yours and your babies health, it also plays a major role in helping with your mental health – and that is SO important. 

With the right help and guidance by a trusted fitness professional training whilst pregnant can: 

– Help reduce back pain

– Reduce constipation, bloating and swelling

– Increases energy levels

– Prevent gestational diabetes 

– Lift your mood 

– Improve heart health 

– Boost your confidence and self image

So, yes of course you should exercise when pregnant! Your body will also thank you for it after bub is out 🙂 

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