BMW Corporate Starts!

This week I’ll be starting back up a corporate contract for BMW at their head office x1 a week for the next four weeks. Super excited as corporate groups are really fun to teach. I love getting the employees up and about in their own workplace and having them leave work with a smile on their face (and some drips of sweat too haha). Here are 4 benefits for the employee:

  1. Stress relief. Stressed out employees have trouble focusing, thinking clearly and making rational decisions. Exercise helps improve mental health by providing clarity to better handle stress effectively.
  2. Heart health. Regular exercise promotes heart health by lowering bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and raising good cholesterol levels (HDL). It also helps strengthen the heart. allowing it to work harder and longer. new blood vessels will also form from regular physical activity, which decreases blood pressure.
  3. More energy. Energy levels are an important indicator of well being and engagement. Exercise improves circulation and strengthens the heart muscle, providing an instant rush of energy and reduces fatigue levels.
  4. Productivity. The benefits of exercie aren’t just physical, there is evidence that is boosts mental abilities like enhanced creativity, quicker learning, sharper memory and improved concentration.

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