Benefits Of Group Training

As you all know we are ALL ABOUT group training here at RIM. It can be such a great change to your workout routine. Whether it’s a healthy and fun social way to catch up, or to not muck around and get your sweat on, every person may attend for different reasons. 

MOTIVATION. Do you ever feel like you train harder in a group setting rather than doing a workout on your own? Not only do you get that individual attention in our small group training, but your RIM trainer will also push you and challenge you to your individual needs. Other clients in the class also may push you, and you may even make it your goal to keep up with them. Being surrounded by other people can also give you that extra motivation and make the class more enjoyable. 
TECHNIQUE. In a class your RIM trainer will ALWAYS be watching and correcting your form with exercises. Although getting corrected during the class may not be always feel so encouraging, this 100% beats doing the exercise incorrectly and putting yourself at risk for injury or not getting the most out of your workout. 

ACCOUNTABILITY. We are quite strict on attendance and booking in to classes. Depending on the class size you will always be asked why you didn’t show up for class and so might other people in that class. Having a regular group to workout with will motivate you to get to class so you aren’t that one person who always un-books.
MIX IT UP. It can be so easy to plateau with your training and get bored of the same old workouts. Training in a group with an instructor to plan the classes to keep it fresh and exciting and will add some spice into your workout routine.
FUN & SOCIAL. Group training can give you the opportunity to meet people in the same area/ community with the same interests as you. This is a great way to form new relationships and a great opportunity to socialise with new people. You’ll enjoy the motivation you receive and the people you are training with will make a group workout a fun experience. If you’ve never tried it, you may find out that a group atmosphere is what you need to stay challenged and accountable with your health & fitness goals. 

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