Beat Your Junk Food Cravings

Create a food journal. Writing down every time you eat and what you eat for a week or two, can give you an insight to why you’re choosing junk food over healthy and whole foods. Do you notice that you might’ve grabbed something from a take away store because you forgot to pack something healthy that day? Or you can consider the reasons why you are incorporating junk food into your daily meals.

Identify your favourite comfort foods. Once you know what your favourite junk foods are, this can help you minimise them in your diet. A good idea is to go through your kitchen and remove all of those foods, without them in the house the less likely you are to eat them. Same for work, try not to have them around you in the office. Once you know what you crave – you can better manage it and plan for a healthy alternative.

Make healthy swaps. If you crave something sweet, instead of having a donut or a block of chocolate, which might satisfy your craving (but may also make you feel like CRAP and may come with a list of negative health problems) – try and substitute it for a slightly healthier option. Perhaps some yogurt with some fruit, which can still be a tasty snack but a whole lot better for you!

Write up a meal plan. This can definitely help you cut down on the amount of junk food you consume each day and create a whole new diet for you. Include your breakfast, lunches, dinners and all snacks. Remember to be realistic with your plan, it is okay to include meals that are eaten on- the- go, and also you may need to prepare and cook meals in advance if you are busy in the evenings. This leads us to the next point….

PREPARE AND COOK HEALTHY MEALS/ SNACKS.  Aim to include foods from each food group most days: grains, protein, fruits, vegetables and dairy, to help ensure you’re meeting all your daily nutrient goals. If you have less time to prepare meals during the working week – meal prep on the weekend and store your food in the refrigerator. When you’re grocery shopping for your food for the week, avoid shopping when hungry – because everything looks appealing. Make a shopping list and be specific with it, also try and stay out of the aisles that contain your fav junk food snacks. Pre-pack snacks with you to take to work to help you from going down to the cafe for a brownie. To help snacks more satisfying include lean protein, high fiber foods and some healthy fats – such as yogurt with fruit and nuts, peanut butter with some apple slices, mixed nuts, cheese, dips such as hummus with whole grain crackers or carrot sticks.


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