At Home Workout!

Here is a workout we’ve written for you that you don’t need any equipment for. If you’ve got a handy 30-40 minutes on your weekend bumming around at home, this I one will get the heart racing and body sweating for sure 🙂

Make sure you have at least a minute or two to recover between the Tabata’s and let us know how you go!

EQUIPMENT: Body weight, timer on phone. 20:10 X8

TABATA 1. Single Leg Bench Step ups 8 ROUNDS ON LEFT LEG!

TABATA 2. Single Leg Bench Step ups 8 ROUNDS ON RIGHT LEG!

TABATA 3. Switches

TABATA 4. Bench Push ups/Tricep Dips. (Round 1 – 4 = Push ups / Round 5-8=Dips)

TABATA 5. Split Lunge Jump. (Round 1 – 4 Left Leg forward round 5 – 8 Right Leg forward)

TABATA 6. Mountain Climbers round 1 – 8

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