Are You Plateauing?

What Is a Plateau and How Do You Fix It? 
An exercise plateau is what most people who regularly train absolutely dread! When you first start to workout it is easy to make quick progress, you see big changes, but after a few months, although you are continuing to train hard and eat clean – you’re no longer seeing results, WHAT THE !@#$????
The longer we’ve been training, the older we get, and the more advanced we get training wise the more likely it is we’ll hit plateaus. This all occurs because of different physiological reasons like lack of overload in your training and over training. Eventually, your muscles, body and joint connections adapt and get bored with your activity. 
So let us give you a few tips on how to break through the plateau and to reveal that “light” at the end of the tunnel 🙂
Breaking Through The Plateau
Track your meals. Food intake is probably responsible for more than half of the plateau cases out there. Have you been sticking to your meal plan 100% without ANY stuff ups? Rededicate yourself for two weeks, track your meals, and see if progress picks back up!
Plateau Busting Tips

How are your training sessions REALLY going? If you are starting to get bored of your workouts, or haven’t been training as hard as you used to, then it’s time to start tracking your workouts or find a way to be better today than yesterday – it’s all about making ANY sort of progresswhether it be your total amount of weight lifted, decreased time between sets, one extra rep or even one more kg lifted. RECORD EVERYTHING!

Adjust some of your goals. Shift your focus to something new and different! Instead of obsessing over WEIGHT loss and hopping onto the scales every night – try to put your focus on the process of getting STRONGER and eating better!
Nobody is perfect! If you notice that you have put on weight when needing to lose it, or you can’t lift as heavy as you usually would  – accept that we will ALL have bad days/ weeks. Shit happens sometimes but this does not make us bad people or failures, it makes us human! On the days when you do rock up to training and feel tired or rundown, then drop the weight and focus more on your technique and reps rather than the load!

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