Are you on track for an AWESOME week?

Let’s talk fitness, food and all things healthy. First and foremost, give yourself a little hump day evaluation as to how you’ve managed the first half of the week so far…… so in an “ideal” lean, clean and mean week, you should be able to tick off the following, have you:

  1. Trained twice already this week?
  2. Slept between 6-8 hours each night?
  3. Eaten vegetables/salad with 2/3 main meals each day?
  4. Cut out refined sweet treats?
  5. Drank over 2L of water per day?
  6. Planned what your week is going to look like in terms of exercise and nutrition?

good things come

For all the Results in Motion Personal Trainers these are absolute life basics – if you are failing to deliver these early on in a week, one can only imagine what Fri/Sat/Sun looks like! Make this check list a part of your routine, screen shot it on your phone and evaluate yourself on a daily basis if you need to drill it in. The more you familiarise yourself with the basics, the easier it will become to make this lifestyle the norm, as opposed to you just trying to be “good”. Start small, aim to have 2 or 3 perfect days per week and allow some give on other days, build this up each week until you’re happy that you are delivering about 5/6 days “on” and then 1-2 days “not so on”.

You can do it people – just be accountable to yourself and your goals, learn to spin the plates. Your sleep is as important as your diet and your diet is as important as your water intake. Remember Summer is only 4 months away, you’ve got time to make a massive impact on your fitness, weight and overall health  – get your head down, get focused and DO IT! #makeithappen



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