12 Benefits Of Activation + Mobility Warm Ups

I don’t think we need to tell you that what you do before you train can have a major impact on what you are able to do in your workout. Some days it can be so easy to forget, or to rush through your warm up before your workout, but really this can do more damage than you think. I’m going to keep this really simple and list 12 reasons why activating and mobilising your joints and muscles before a workout is absolutely crucial.

  1. Dynamic/ mobility exercises prepare your body in the right way for the vigorous movement that make up the main part of your workout.
  2. Mobility exercises stimulate your nervous system, muscles, tendons and joints.
  4. Mobility exercises can help sore and stiff joints.
  5. Activation exercises can increase muscular strength by 50% and will help to turn the right muscles on at the right time. You’re not working at your full potential if all of your muscles aren’t communicating effectively with your brain.
  6. Activation drills can help support hip + spine stability and mobility.
  7. Good mobility can assist your flexibility and vice versa.
  8. Mobility training can improve the range in motion of joints & muscles.
  9. Mobility can improve your posture, as well as alleviating everyday aches and pains like lower back pain, knee pain or even some forms of arthritis.
  10. Muscle activation can improve your coordination.
  11. Mobility exercises can improve your body awareness.
  12. Activation drills can improve the brain- muscle communication loop which can decrease pain.

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